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Win7 Show Desktop

Plasma 5 Add-Ons 28 comments

by Zren
Score 78.3%
Feb 14 2020
*I'm using version 6 by the way, Plasma 5.8.3. - Jan 07 2017
I'm using version 6 by the play, Plasma 5.8.3. - Jan 07 2017
Thanks for this excellent widget. One problem though is that the assigned keyboard shortcut doesn't work (I used to apply Meta+D to the stock Show Desktop widget and it would work.) The keyboard shortcut should perform the "click" action. - Jan 07 2017
Thermal Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring 87 comments

Score 84.6%
Sep 08 2017
Hi, thanks for the excellent widget. One request: could we please have the option to disable the "Alias" text entirely and then vertically align the temperature in the centre? (I only want to display one maximum temperature so don't need an alias). Currently, dragging the "Alias font size" to the far left still makes it appear, so perhaps give us a tick box on whether we want an alias? - Jan 07 2017
Redshift Control

Plasma 5 Add-Ons 51 comments

Score 85.7%
Aug 06 2017
To answer my own question, you right-click on the system tray -> System Tray Settings -> Tick "Redshift Control" in the "Extra Items" section. - Jan 07 2017
How do I add this to the actual system tray widget, rather than a separate widget that has a big space between it and the system tray when I place it? - Dec 28 2016