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Small and Lite

GTK2 Themes by bINX 47 comments

It seems to be a very good idea, the picture compaing the default ubuntu theme with your results are very interesting, but...
I think that your work lacks of color: this heavy gray can be eye-tiring, and the absence of any color spot in a little screen makes more difficult to find the things you're searching for...

:-) - May 09 2009

FVWM Themes by solcomo 7 comments

Beautiful theme, very elegant... :D - Mar 09 2009
amaroK Desktop Script

Amarok 1.x Scripts by Kner 88 comments

Sorry, I'm not an expert in python, but I've found a (stupid?) workaround to solve the problem of the configuration window:
edit the file, in /home/yourusername/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/desktop, and go to the the line n.51
just change that line with
net = NETRootInfo(0xFFFFFF)
It will work!!!
At least, it works in my case... BTW I use GNOME.

IMPORTANT: no idea of what I've done!! Use this at your risk! - Nov 20 2008

Email by tonypizza 42 comments

Hi, tonypizza!
Congratulations for this very useful piece of software: I'm enjoying it very much!
Just a couple of questions:

1 - I've seen that every account password is stored in a not encrypted file in the .kpopassistant folder: can this be a security problem?

2 - will be possible to import each account information from each mail client (e.g. thunderbird, kmail and so on) instead of setting it again?

Good work, and keep on coding! :-D
- Dec 16 2007