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Panos Kanavos Athens, Greece
Neon Plasma theme by FRUiT

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Score 69.2%
Jul 06 2011
I think white or light grey in text areas would make text more readable. For example, it's impossible to read e-mails in Kmail. Libreoffice apps also suffer from black working areas. Eric4 python IDE also has black background in the document area. You can apply the color scheme I mentioned earlier and see if it fits better with your theme. IMHO, it does. This is only my humble opinion of course, others may prefer it the way it is now:P.

Anyway, not a big deal as colors can be customized easily. As I said previously, your work is much appreciated. - Jun 22 2011
I could never work with dark themes, and this is the only one I enjoy to use. Please improve the color scheme to be smoother with text and then we can have a perfect combo. I currently use the Balance by LMolr color scheme that integrates fairly well with your theme and icons.

Anyways, thank you for sharing this nice theme! - Jun 22 2011

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