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Bob Haegele Milwaukee, United States of America

Full Icon Themes by sora 176 comments

Oh and that is just a suggestion, of course! Like I said that would probably a lot of work for you so only do that if you really feel like it. - Nov 21 2008

Full Icon Themes by sora 176 comments

I gave you a specific example. I use the Ubuntu Dust GTK theme and blue folder icons really don't look good with it. I prefer to use hydroxygen customized to have white icons, but if you'd really like to see what I mean when I say "all white icons," check out the Oxygen Refit 2 - White Version icon theme.

I do really like your volume and network icons though. They are simple and sexy. - Nov 21 2008

Full Icon Themes by sora 176 comments

It would be awesome if there was a version of it which had all white icons or maybe if there was script-based customization like hydroxygen has that allows this. I know that would be a lot of work for you but if you are looking to improve your set then I think that would be a good idea! That would really allow me to have more consistency in the color of the icons; I particularly dislike having to have blue folders with my dark GTK theme. - Nov 19 2008

Full Icon Themes by deviantdark 508 comments

I liked the new volume and network icons better - especially the volume icon that shows up when I press my volume controls. And the link to the old icon versions doesn't work for me! - Nov 15 2008
So yeah, I don't seem to have that folder...also, where did you get the Firefox theme? - Feb 08 2008

Wallpaper Other by coringao 67 comments

1. "Irregardless" isn't a word. It's regardless.

2. How is a comment which makes an argument with reasoning to back it up useless? Makes no sense to me.

3. "Parents have every right to raise their children they way they wish." Really? What if a father routinely physically abuses his child, causing him to be both violent as well as emotionally unstable? Did the parent have the right to "do what he wanted" with his son? I think not. He may have abused his son, but that doesn't mean he had the right do to so.

4. I think the person you were replying to makes an excellent point. You should realize that in other countries there is no censorship at all.
- Jan 18 2008
Ubuntu BlackChrome

GDM Themes by Stemp 8 comments

It's simple, but sexy. That's how I like most of my themes & such to look, so good work! - Jan 12 2008
CrashBit (Fedora/Ubuntu)

Full Icon Themes by igancuhz 98 comments

Great work on this's still my favorite icon set to date. Just keep it up, as I'm really hoping to see the official release. - Jan 11 2008
GlassBlue for AWN

AWN Themes by lstanio 12 comments

Am I the only one who gets that this has an invalid theme format? - Oct 23 2007

GTK2 Themes by moomex 182 comments

Did that... - Oct 23 2007

GTK2 Themes by moomex 182 comments

Does anyone know why my theme looks so ugly? Check it out:

Seems strange to me. - Oct 22 2007

GTK2 Themes by Pakos 20 comments

I like this. Usually I don't like dark themes, or really simple ones, but this one looks pretty good. Nicely done. - Sep 29 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by radzi 14 comments

How EXACTLY do I replace my pidgin folder? Is this done through the console, since root access is needed to change that folder? - Sep 15 2007