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Chocolate V1.0

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May 04 2008
Not that I know a whole lot about themes but I'm guessing you are on a widescreen monitor.

The two images for the panel are only 1280 pixels wide and might need to be made longer. Open them up in gimp or any other editor and increase the X part of canvas size to match your resolution. Don't let the Y part scale automatically.

Gorgeous theme like I've said before. Rated good. - May 25 2010
I'd like to request a border of some sort (fairly discrete colour) for inactive windows/tabs similar to the nice, bright orange one that you have for the active window. Is this a quick fix that anyone can put in?

I'm talking about inactive windows in the window list (panels) and inactive tabs in the default gnome terminal.

This apart, I *love* the theme - May 06 2008
I'm fast becoming a huge fan of your work. This one's terrific. Keep up the great work. - May 05 2008

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Jul 22 2007
Bump ... link still down - May 24 2010

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Aug 25 2008
Very nice. Voted good. - May 24 2010

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Mar 21 2008
Thanks for the lovely theme. - Jan 14 2008
Three notes- Chocolate, Coffee & Vanilla

Metacity Themes 7 comments

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Nov 30 2007
Very nice.

When you do hower over a button (max, min, close) or, indeed, hit a button on an inactive window, the buttons do nothing at all ... nothing to give some sort of indication. Something to fix perhaps. - Nov 30 2007

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Aug 23 2006
Very nicely done. Love the theme! If I might make a couple of suggestions:

1 - The active window in the window list has the slightly darker shading on top and the other windows have this at the bottom. The active one doesnt really stand out that well. A different colour shading, perhaps?

2 - The window border is a bit too ... white. Windows tend to blend a bit too well into each other. Maybe a bit more colour at the edge or something? - May 18 2007
Chocolate V1.0

GTK2 Themes
by AlexR1

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Oct 01 2010
Chocolate V1.0

GTK2 Themes
by AlexR1

Score 58.0%
9   Oct 19 2011