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Peter Rybicki Lodz, Poland
Ant on a flower

Nature by Tehhy 1 comment

It`s nice but I think you should do something with background. In my opinion as for the wallpaper it`s to bland - Jun 18 2007
Ubuntu girls

Wallpapers Ubuntu by invazor 3 comments

...and anime/manga maniacs - Jun 12 2007

Wallpaper Other by maciorra 1 comment

:))) Very nice. I wish to see more that kind of graffiti insted of those in my city :) - Nov 12 2006
Debian and Cows

Wallpapers Debian by HenrikA 1 comment

It`s nice but very small... to small :( - Jul 12 2005
Clouds and Trees

Nature by weinfurt 1 comment

:) - Jun 19 2005
Night grass

Wallpaper Other by gemo 1 comment

When this picture is small it`s nice but when I zoomed it I decided not to put it on my wallpaper... - Jun 19 2005