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Ox King

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Nov 29 2010
Screenlet don`t start.
Got Screenlets 0.1.2 and Ubuntu Jaunty 10.04. - Sep 09 2010
O Auth is the Identification process of Twitter.
Since 1st of Sep. Twitter allows log ins only over OAuth.
Password method is no longer supportet.
See: - Sep 09 2010
Without oauth support it is now useless. will it get it? - Sep 08 2010

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Jan 08 2011
The Weatherdata wont updating until i open the zipcode window and click ok.
I've tried an other intervall setting from 5 to 15 min, but no change.
(Ubuntu Lucid) - May 27 2010
Bamboo Zen

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Jun 07 2009
This is my Desktop with use of the Background Image:

A Simple Translucent white Gnome Panel
and a green window bar looks much nicer than your theme i think.

But thank you for showing me this great BG-Image! :) - Aug 12 2008
Vista Start Menu for Gnome Panel

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Nov 23 2008
Its 1.08 beta.

The Synaptics problem only appears under
"systemwerkzeuge" (systemtools in english i think) -> "synaptc-paketverwaltung" icon.

When i start it with "package manager" on the right side of the Vista Menue it works fine.... - Jul 02 2008
I have a problem under Ubuntu Hardy.
Synaptic starts without admin privilegs,
and "kttsmgr" didn't start at all.

All fine with the standard gnome menue.
But with the vista-thing those problems happens. :(

I've installed it with the .deb packet. - Jul 02 2008

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by meek
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Jun 10 2008

Verry cool the changes since ver. 2.3! :D
Thanks a lot! - Apr 14 2008
Works fine, but has a few bugs.
Its the only screenlet that dont remember its position when i reboot.
It starts then always on the top of the desktop.
And you canĀ“t put an icon below it,
cause it seems the "Window" is invisible,
but reaches to the bottom of the screen.
After rebooting i can click in the space under it,
and iam able to move it.
This happens so long as i selece a other theme or someting....
Hope it will updatet in the future,
cause it looks cool. ;) - Mar 27 2008
ubuntu sunrise [Usplash]

Usplash Themes 9 comments

by ufoka
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Apr 22 2008
Ah ok, i guess i complain to fast! *g*

Changed the resolution with the startupmanager,
now its fine. :) - Mar 27 2008
Ok, now it works...
i gues some of those packages were needed:

build-essential (was installed like your readme told)
usplash-dev (was installed like your readme told)


Ive installed these because of an howto,
and now it works....

The image is not fullscreen
(maybe a fourth of the screen),
and the picture is not centered.
Is this normal?
My resolution is 1024x768. - Mar 27 2008
Looks great, but i dont know howe to install it.
I followed the instructions in your readme file,
but it seems that the really importent steps are missing. :(

Typed "make install" and "sudo make install"
because it is the last thing you mentioned in your readme,
but it will make noting...
Yes, you see iam a linuxnoob. ^^
And when you do, you better write such readme files for such people like me,
or you probably dont have to. :( - Mar 27 2008