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Wojciech Owczarek

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

Uhh, I don't think so. The name must remind of Quake cause that's the whole thing about it, the experience of game-like console. :)

Anyway I accidentally browsed to kde-look for an icon set update, and being a Kuake user since the beginning I went like "Whoa! Upgrade!" ;) - Sep 24 2005

GTK2 Themes by graig 2 comments

All your three themes look nice, but
the 'easy on the eyes' is not quite true here. Easy on the eyes is possibly low contrast, which means the colors cannot be too dark, since your eyes gonna hurt when watching white space [websites]. If the basic color was a _bit_ brighter, that would be ok.

So I'm gonna do as I usually do - download it, modify a little and then use for myself :) - Sep 20 2005 Writer

Office Apps by kendy 34 comments

My favourite distribution - PLD Linux (, version 2.0 also has the latest openoffice packages including kde widget support.

The default OOo vcl look isn't all that bad. Anyway, it's a pitty that there's no support for native kde dialog windows (yet?) - open, save, etc. Or there is some project doing that? Cause now not only I have to train my office users in handling removable media under kde, but also accessing their mount points in openoffie.

best regards,

owczi - Oct 28 2004
Beer world 2004 Slack Style

Wallpapers Slackware by christ 3 comments

yeah, I've GIMPed around with that pic, too, it looks nice indeed in this alien bluish neonlike version, good one ;] but wait, blue beer? hmmmmmm :>


owczi - Apr 25 2004

Various KDE Stuff by vrok 2 comments

iconv -f cp1250 -t iso8859-2 file -o file2 :D

Nice app, anyway. - Apr 01 2004

System Software by epoch 14 comments

Doh, it doesn't compile for kde 3.1/qt 3.1 :( sheesh, what a pitty. A backport, anyone? please?

owczi - Mar 17 2004

Various KDE Stuff by synthetik 5 comments

thanks a lot for the info. I'm using plastiK as window decoration, but I'd never guess it was B3/kde [it looks really slick...]

best regards,
owczi - Mar 16 2004

Various KDE Stuff by synthetik 5 comments


I'd just like to ask - what window style is it in the screenshot? And, what font is used for Konsole and for system menus? - Mar 15 2004