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Mar 21 2010
many of your propositions are very good, and the theme could have other small refinements at other issues as well, but the things is that i didnt find a documentation for murrine, and its pretty hard to figure out some things even if they are possible.
Merging the toolbar as far as i know is not possible though. - Mar 23 2010
thank you very much helped a lot! i tried to find the bug, but that little hash always avoided my attention. - Mar 21 2010
i ll try to figure it out. - Mar 19 2010
would u post a screenshot? - Mar 19 2010
its default i guess. I am using lucid. - Mar 19 2010
the things is that i cannot really reproduce your problem. did you install it into /usr/share/themes?

I dont think it is a problem in the theme, because i didnt change too many things. - Mar 17 2010
i consider it as a feature not a bug.. - Mar 17 2010
which menu are u talking about? - Mar 17 2010
change the windows and selected background colors HUE to 32. - Mar 15 2010
i am using lucid 0.90.3+git20091213, i dont really know what could be your problem sorry. - Mar 15 2010
copy the RadienceOsliner folder to /usr/share/themes - Mar 15 2010
i dont really understand your problem, i tried it works even if u change the colors. - Mar 15 2010
You are rite about the button it will be fixed in the next version. the panel stays, cuz it fits the docky theme. - Mar 12 2010
i dont see what is wrong with the buttons and the panels, with the toolbars u r rite, but cant really help it. - Mar 12 2010
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by code2
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Apr 04 2007
hi good work, will u port the domino skin to gtk?
thx, keep it up - Dec 11 2007