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MacOS-X Aqua Theme

GTK2 Themes by DannyWu 266 comments

as of 2016, you can unpack them (preserve the directory structure!!!) into one of two places on most linux systems:
this location is system-wide or domain wide if the workstation uses a remote partition

this location will install the theme for ONLY you and will work wherever this home directory is used (ie, if you use a remote home directory that can be accessed from a different workstation, it will work on that one too).

NOTE: I dont recommend using /usr/local/themes because its not standard really and even if it is it only supposed to support the machine you are currently on but thats not really the case. More likely you will end up with a /usr/local dir even on a remote fs. The /usr/local is geared toward localally compiled and installed application components and executables, not resources that should be shared like graphics, themes, etc.

NOTE 2: This information is correct to the best of my knowledge. To be sure how your system places files, refer to your OS's heir(7) manpage, usually pointing to the file-heirarcy(7) manpage. You can type 'man heir' to see it from any terminal!

NOTE 3: To switch themes, use the 'Window Manager Settings' in the 'Settings Manager' under 'System' in the "whisker" menu (the xfce4 equivalent of the start menu at the lower left corner, usually). If you dont have a whisker menu or are still confused then you need to RTFM. - May 21 2016
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May 21 2016
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