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Crystal GT

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Jun 15 2007
i don't really like the new back/forth home and reload buttons in the screenshot. the old ones looked much more professional (especially the two-colored reload button is not that great).

anyway, keep up the good work!
- Dec 08 2002
World KPPP

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Jul 28 2002
these icons look great. can you make similar icons for kinternet? the current kinternet icons look more like icons for a power management application.

that would be absulutely great!

thanks. - Jul 28 2002
Crystal Addons

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Apr 24 2002
please post the smaller versions of your icons as well if it's not too much work. they are great! - Apr 23 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 5 comments

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Mar 19 2002
I really like that splash (though I think it would require an entire icon theme and window style to reach a consistent look and feel with the desktop). You also might want to adjust the KDE Logo in the splash to better represent the style used in your theme (color, perhaps even shape).

Very nice work! - Apr 01 2002