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Oscar Rodriguez Oviedo, Spain
Oh wait!, pidgin plugins don't support python. Since I don't know anything of C, I think that it would be easier developing a new screenlet. Anyway, I will work on that idea :D - Aug 11 2008
Yeah, I was thinking on that some time ago. My idea is to port this program ( to a pidgin plugin, and finally use the pidgin screenlet to display your xbl friend list ( I think it's the better solution for the problem, creating a new screenlet who shares some code with the pidgin one could be a bit stupid. Surely I will start working on that idea :) - Aug 11 2008
MySteamcard Screenlet

Conky by oscrp 2 comments

This screenlet it's now unsupported, please, download the new screenlet here: - Aug 10 2008
Thanks for the suggestion! Later this week I will release a new update of this screenlet :) - Aug 04 2008
I will fix it on 0.7, I'm working on a new function for it :). Since I'm still learning python It's normal to do these stupids bugs. On 0.6 I have done a major clean of the code and I forgot to put one argument at the start of the screenlet..
To fix this, you only need to add

__timeout = None

Just after

__desc__ = __doc__ # set description to docstring of class

(line 38)

Thanks for the report! - Jun 11 2008
Hmm, what rev of screenlets are you using? From Screenlets 0.0.13 the engine draws on the top right corner of the screenlet two buttons, one to close it and other to launch the screenlet settings, so I think the right click options are being unused.
BTW, I've just uploaded 0.6b with the fix :) - May 21 2008
try 0.6 :) . If your favorite theme isn't pre-installed on the screenlet, you can read the file Themes (MyGamercard folder) and learn how to add new themes :D. - May 21 2008
Hi, a friend of mine have tested this screenlet on his computer without any problem. Are you using Screenlets 0.0.14? Have you removed the xbox live gamercard folder before installing the new rev?
BTW you can try removing Live_GamercardScreenlet.pyc from the screenlet folder . I packed it on the tar.gz by mistake. - Mar 21 2008
try now installing 0.4b, thank you for your report! - Mar 18 2008
I think now is solved :) - Jan 31 2008
Cool Gnome

Wallpapers Gnome by prof3ta 3 comments

Ok. The wallpapers are very pretty. Good job. - Mar 08 2007
Cool Gnome

Wallpapers Gnome by prof3ta 3 comments

WTF! altervista spam? - Mar 08 2007