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Hojnos Roland , Hungary
Dark Side Plus

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Puli 14 comments

Bene, ora vedo tutti gli italiani ... :D:D:D - Dec 16 2009
PyShare (imageshack/rapidshare/twitpic)

Nautilus Scripts by Nait 116 comments

It doesn't work with 9.10... :-( it is just uploading the file, and tells me wait while uploading... :-( - Oct 17 2009
Polar Icons 2

Full Icon Themes by jameshardy88 90 comments

Wow, it's a very nice work, man! ;-) Maybe the installation is a lil' bit harder than if you compress just in a tar.gz, cuz' first I needed to uncompress it, than make another compressing, but it is great and beautiful! - Oct 17 2009
Tux Thinkpad BIOS Splash 1

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by MrMacman2u 1 comment

Hey, i like this... :-) It's passing to my lenovo thinkpad... :-D But.. how can I install this screen? - Oct 03 2009
PyShare (imageshack/rapidshare/twitpic)

Nautilus Scripts by Nait 116 comments

Hey man, I love this script, thanks! :-) - Sep 09 2009
Ubuntu watching You

Wallpapers Ubuntu by szponzor 3 comments

Nekem spec tetszik, szerintem szép kép nagyon. ;-)
Igaz, sokmindent nem kell csinálni hozzá, de jó! ^.^
(Na meg én még ilyet sem tudnék, nem használom ilyesmikre a Gimpet...) - Sep 08 2009

SMPlayer/MPlayer by Mr-idea 4 comments

Good job man... I like your theme. :-) - Aug 26 2009
Lighting Animated (Skydome)

Compiz Themes by lekremyelsew 42 comments

I hope you will replace the link, i really need this skydome! :-) It's beautiful! - Aug 26 2009

Fonts by KOLYA56 16 comments

Hey man, I love this font type... okey, this is the only one what supports the hungarian langauge (letters...), but it's great. ;) - Aug 26 2009