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Nebojša Jovanović Bor, Serbia

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Dec 26 2018
Ok thanks...!

I am glad you will do something about my suggestions, when you have time of course.
I have sent you e-mail as you ask.

All the best. - Feb 13 2016
Ok, I will explain you that...

I have no TV here in Serbia, I just follow internet, and I like to listen our Serbian patriotic intellectuals on you tube video clips (they have no access оn serbian state television), because our Serbian politician are the great liars and traitors. I can find the truth only in internet. That's way I need loop function to repeat sections on single video with conversation of our intellectuals, to write his words and thoughts in notepad, and if you will develop loop function for repetition on your video player single video clip, it would bu great, not only for me, many people need this ability for video players.

Also, it would be very nice if you will create video preview thumbnails, and I suggest you also to create video preview thumbnails on yours QMPlay2 payer's progress bar, like in this screenshot below:

By the way, is it possible to be visible our serbian cyrillic in subtitles on your player?

Something like this:
"Српски политичари су велики лажови и издајице.."

All the best for you and yout Polish nation...!

Небојша, Србија - Feb 12 2016
Yes, I know that, but maybe you should do it for single video. For example:

That is my sugestion....


A-B Repeat.
Start AB Repeat "["
End AB Repeat "]"
Undo Start AB Repeat "Shift+["
Undo End AB Repeat "Shift+]"

Your player QMPlay2 is the best I ever seen!

Please, do it loop to repeat sections on single video.
Thanks in advance...! - Feb 09 2016
Hi zaps166,

How can I Loop a section of a video/audio file on QMPlay2?
How to start, how to end, and to repet it?

All the best for You. - Feb 09 2016

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by zaps166

Score 79.2%
Feb 18 2016