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by DFN2
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Jul 05 2018
An rpm for Centos7? Both opensuse and fedora says format is not supported. Thanks
- Apr 01 2018

System Software 96 comments

by DFN2
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Nov 11 2019
$ chmod +x *filename*.AppImage
$ ./*filename*.AppImage --install

So after these 2 commands, which one is the command to execute this app? Thanks - Apr 01 2018
XONE Catalina Night

Gnome Shell Themes 120 comments

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Oct 23 2019
Hello, I'm totally newbie so I ask for help. Here is want I'm working on: trying to install this theme on CentOS7 which has gnome shell version 3.22.3-17. I go to files section and I don't know if I have to download only specific files, and in that case which ones.
I've tried decompress it, and inside that folder there are some other folders and files. The only way Gnome-tweak-tool recognizes a theme to install is if it is in the zip format, so I zip the folder MacOS_DARK, and then it is accepted and I can select this new theme. I previously installed the 3 required extensions. But now I follow the tutorial to configure the Dock, and when I run the first command I get the following error: No such schema ''

Could someone tell me if I'm proceeding the right way, if I'm using the right file from the files section, what am I missing? Thanks in advance! - Apr 01 2018