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Matthew Kay
SlickBar for SuperKaramba

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Jan 08 2004
Ahh, that explains it. I unfortunately chose a poor wording for those error messages. XMMSPanel requires PyXMMS and the other three require PyKDE, which is likely why they are not working. SlickBar automatically calculates its length based on the panels you have loaded, which would be why the config panel is cut off (none of the panels can load).

You basically need to have PyKDE to get any use out of this... sorry for any problems you have with it :( - Aug 15 2003
NoatunPanelSlow doesnt work - it does show the controls but there's no action on any click. I'm not sure if PyKDE installed correctly - i get warnings about it not being able to find qlist.h from kdeuihuge.cpp:126

Hmm.... Do any of the other panels work? If PyKDE is working, I would try using NoatunPanel instead of NoatunPanelSlow... NoatunPanelSlow doesn't use PyKDE. As well, I haven't tested it in a few versions, since I don't really maintain it much. I'll update/test it for the next version, I promise :)

Is there a way for this to work with single clicking?

Right-click on the panel and make sure that "Toggle locked position" is on. That should work...

Has anyone done an application launcher for this?

I'm not sure what you mean.... there is the QuickLaunchPanel, but if PyKDE isn't working it won't work either :(

optikSmoke you deserve total props for this, what an awesome job.

Thanks.... hearing stuff like that makes it all worthwhile (seriously) :). If you need more help fixing your problems, feel free to email me. - Aug 14 2003
Hmm.... well, those second two require PyKDE/PyQt, and that could be the problem (and likely is, unfortunately).
I will take a look at running it under PyKDE 3.7 (I did not know it was released, I have been running 3.6 for quite some time), likely the problem is due to the newer bindings.

In any case, I will probably be releasing a minor update soon before I finish the config screen (not much time on my hands currently). The minor version will include a debug mode to make these problems easier to solve.

Sorry for all these problems....... :( - Aug 14 2003

Pressable buttons sounds good.... Actually, I will probably write some abstraction code to make that easy on myself, and then most everything will get three states: up, mouseover, and down.

Not too soon though....... this will probably come along in the version after next -- at the moment I am working on a full GUI configuration system in my spare time which will be the major change for the next version, along with some other small improvements. - Aug 09 2003
Be prepared for a few coffees during the make(s)! Well worth the effort tho - crackin theme!

Thanks! Wait until the next version -- I'm writing a configuration GUI, plus more configurability/features, plus more speed improvements...... It'll be good :) - Jul 31 2003
Which panel do you mean? The date/time panel?

It would take some code modification, but if you really want it I can cook up some instructions (or include an option in the next version). Do you want the K gone too?

If you mean any of the other panels, open up the config file (middle click on K -> click "Configure SlickBar") and then remove the corresponding xml tag for the panel you don't want. - Jul 24 2003
Oops...... I was meaning to respond to you sooner.

Anyway, I posted a fix for this a few comments down :) - Jul 16 2003
Sorry about the lateness of this, I forgot about it until recently.

For everyone having troubles getting PyKDE to work on Mandrake 9.1, go to this site:
Download and install the qt rpms there.

Then, go here:
And follow the instructions to download/install PyQt and PyKDE.

PyQt/PyKDE won't work properly when compiled against the standard Mandrake qt libraries because they mispackaged them. - Jul 16 2003
Yeah, I actually had similar problems trying to get PyKDE installed (on Mandrake 9.1)
If anyone running MDK needs help, just ask. I might write a tutorial on it... I'll have to dig in my memory to remember what I did. If you look on the PyKDE forums, there was some discussion of the problems, including updated qt RPMs that you need in order to get it to work. - Jun 24 2003
Heh, yeah..... :) the MusicPanel class is inherited by XMMSPanel and NoatunPanel. It handles most of the visual stuff, the code in XMMSPanel and NoatunPanel just handles communication with xmms/noatun. Basically, it means if wanted to implement your own MusicPanel, you could inherit from the MusicPanel class and have most of the work already done for you :) And consequently, it also means if you chose to use NoatunPanel now the modifications you made would already work with NoatunPanel. - Jun 10 2003
I'll make it a config option in the next release. In the meantime, look in, it controls the font stuff for the XMMSPanel if you want to change it manually........

Which (BTW) will include (when I finish it) a slick, fast TaskPanel as well..... that's right, I haven't *completely* forgotten about SlickBar, even though I haven't released one in awhile :) - Jun 09 2003
I'm not sure, but this could be a problem with your python libraries. Frankly, I only have a little experience solving these problems; I only learned python to write a SuperKaramba version of SlickBar. However, from what I can see you are having a problem importing the time module (which is used to parse the seconds into useful time in the XMMSPanel). I only used it as a quick solution, I'll do it manually in the next version and that should (hopefully) solve your problem. - May 12 2003
Its nice to see this, but I'd like to point out it should only be considered a temporary solution (indeed, the old SlickBar had code similar to this). My goal for SlickBar, since v0.7, is to have all the panels written using the python API I am developing. This will mean that users can move panels around and configure them however they want, using a GUI configuration dialog (to be written). It will also allow people to easily write more interactive panels without worrying too much about them interfering with each other. - May 07 2003
The more people that help me work on this theme, the better!
I will be posting detailed SlickBar development docs later, too. - May 06 2003
Yeah, desktop buttons are one of my next ventures, don't worry. Like I said, this is a kind of pre-release at the moment :) As for XMMS buttons.... crap. Thanks, I just realized the problem. I'll fix it and release it right away. - May 06 2003
I use the "Autostart" KDE folder (For me, its /home/optikSmoke/.kde/Autostart") -- anything in there will be started when KDE starts. Just put a new "Link to Application" in that folder that starts karamba, optionally with whatever scripts you want as parameters. If you already have a link on your desktop, just copy that to the autostart folder. - Apr 12 2003
Good point... I've been annoyed by this myself sometimes. Anyway, the solution is actually quite easy, now that you mention those commands:

"xmms-shell -e 'window playlist show' || xmms-shell -e 'window playlist hide'"

I'll include this in the next version. - Apr 12 2003
A dcop manual eh.... well, there's probably some documentation dealing with dcop over at the kde site somewhere, but for the simple scripting stuff the easiest thing to do is to look through the methods listed in "kdcop" for something that does what you want. You can then call methods using "dcop" in scripts and in karamba.

Including a taskbar in karamba would definitely not be something you could do using dcop calls, though. - Apr 12 2003
As of v0.3, the icons are now in a separate file (slickbar-icons.png), so you should be able to can edit them pretty easily now. - Apr 11 2003
Thanks! I've updated slickbar to include this. - Apr 10 2003
No problem! The font is now included in the slickbar package (its "CaptainPodd.ttf"). Its "licence", such as it is, is in the CaptainPodd.txt file :) - Apr 10 2003
I used lineak. It is a "media-key" binding program that works with X (and therefore with KDE :) ). You can get it at - Apr 10 2003
Is kicker running? This may be a RedHat thing... or have you turned it off? In either case, kicker needs to be running to make dcop calls to it - Apr 10 2003
Thanks........ the "kdcop" browser can't handle QPoint, so I assumed that "dcop" couldn't either.

Never assume ..... :) - Apr 10 2003
Yeah........... I was going to do that eventually anyway, just hadn't gotten around to it. I've got one of those logitech keyboads with all the "media keys" and whatnot, so I didn't bother to put the buttons on for the first version I made :) - Apr 09 2003

Ice-WM Themes 19 comments

by Yaba
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Oct 08 2003
I, too, have complained about the splitter before. I also saw another post recently about it... anyway, I have found that the Mandrake Galaxy theme has a beautiful, simple, and elegant splitter. I have always wondered why Keramik (the default theme!) has that eye-sore of a splitter. Oh well...... - May 27 2003
Karamba patched

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Apr 18 2003
Hrmmm...... I've been playing around with adding some of the effects in this patch to slickbar (this patch, btw, is wonderful), but I've hit a snag: YROLL is ignored if its 0, even though Y=0 works fine for other elements (including images). This is only a little annoying, but is definitely something you should look at (I haven't checked XROLL). - Apr 19 2003
SlickBar-Tweaked for Karamba

Karamba & Superkaramba 5 comments

by Gabi
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Apr 10 2003
If you have the xmms-shell plugin installed, "xmms-shell -e 'window playlist toggle'" will hide/show your playlist (I currently use this with my keyboard's "media keys"). I may include this in future updates to SlickBar. - Apr 10 2003
Heh......... I'm flattered that you did this; its cool when people are interested in my stuff :)
Btw, I've updated slickbar to have the "captain podd" font you are missing, as well as the other suggestions people have indicated.
You were faster than me! :) - Apr 10 2003

Wallpaper Other 23 comments

by holme
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Feb 12 2003

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I'm not going to debate whether or not this was the "right thing to do", but if people are going to discuss the incident I would rather they do it with their facts straight. Other versions of this decision were often given for the simple reason that so many people were close to the event (in time). Basically, anyone who knows aobut history will tell you that the "full story" concerning many events is not available until 75-100 years later, after anyone involved is dead.

Anyway, as for Iraq... saying you can swoop in and "save" them with democracy is somewhat naive. Historically, democracy has best been acheived by change from within a country, not without (the only real exceptions to this I can think of are the result of the world wars, which were obviously special circumstances). And if we're going to look at examples, lets use something *recent* instead of something that happened over 50 years ago. In Afghanistan, the obvious example, change has lasted only as long as US media attention has been on the country. No more media, no more motivation for the US government, the country reverts. But Iraq will be different. Of course it will.

- Mar 12 2003

Ice-WM Themes 5 comments

by onyx
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Feb 28 2003
If you want to resize windows, just hold alt and right-click on the window and drag. Whichever corner/side you are closest to will be what you can resize. Heck, it's easier than using window borders. (alt+left click is the same idea for moving).

Vary useful - Mar 01 2003
Default Blue Rei

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Nov 17 2002
Meh..... to each his own :) The blue background goes with my desktop, so I went with it.

BTW Thanks ALOT for the great picture of Rei ;) - Nov 17 2002
Noia for KDE 1.00

Icon Sub-Sets 258 comments

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Sep 18 2003
Glad to show you how...... it took me the longest time to figure it out myself, as it doesn't appear to be documented anywhere :) - Nov 17 2002
I noticed that you haven't included a "throbber" for konqueror. I was able to take some of the icons you have done and throw together my own "throbber" (for 32x32, I didn't do 22x22 because I don't use it, and I only have so much free time :)). It's available at:
You can probably do something better, but in the interim here's something for all those people who are looking for a decent throbber to go with your amazing icons :)

(Oh yeah: just put it in the noia/32x32/actions directory.) - Nov 17 2002
KeramikBlue Lilo Bootscreen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 5 comments

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Jul 18 2002
Though, I don't find it too bad. (Did you change the bmp-colors line as specified?) I would use a background colour change, but lilo doesn't go back to a transparent background if the background colour changes when an item is highlighted (it just stays the same colour!). And, I didn't want to use a solid background colour because the background in the image isn't a solid colour :). Oh well, the main reason I did this was to prove that you *can* fit a nice-looking gradient into 16 colours! - Jul 19 2002
That's because it's the "default"' ksplash howto (provided by
The "README" in the package explains how to install. - Jul 19 2002

KDE 3 Color Schemes 6 comments

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Jun 06 2002
The panel background is "cev.png". It's available in the "kickback" package: - Jun 07 2002