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Libpurple KWallet Plugin

Chat & Messenging by andreimihaila 5 comments

This is what KDE community should be doing. Rather than KDE-fying a lot of apps better integration of KDE with existing apps and libraries will be great. I don't mean that we should stop doing the great work in developing apps. But seriously at some points *standing on shoulders of giant* helps. Any libpurple based KDE chat app? - Jun 13 2011
Hamsi Manager

System Software by mopened 16 comments

I get the following error when I run the program:

Don't know how to report bugs because the site is Turkish at lot of places. - Feb 23 2011

Graphic Apps by aportale 11 comments

Thanks for the app. Its easy and helpful.

Is this app made using Qt? I am on KDE 4.6 RC1.

Please use KDE 4 icons (not KDE 3) and better file chooser and native theme.

Its all taste. Can't say not good work :) - Dec 27 2010

Audioplayers by davidsansome 66 comments

I was adjusting to Amarok2, it was good but I was nostalgiac for amarok1.4 . And Clementine is a KDE4 app that makes listening music fun again. It looked for cover.png and cover.jpg and set it to album covers! A few recommendations:

1. More options when I click the album cover below libraryy like editing track info, changing the cover etc.

2. Making it more KDE like app.

3. More tabs like context browser, playlists(read random playlits).

4. Showing the album covers in the library (yes amarok2 has great ideas!) - Sep 20 2010

Developers Apps by elgunvo 11 comments

He meant Qt version 3. Why not Qt 4 - Sep 08 2010
PlaybaK (aka KDE Media Player)

Video Apps by gilfcp10 146 comments

With the better display and media sources management I mean the following:

Customizing how the music collection looks. Customizing the layout allowing panes to have inter-related event based data. e.g. clicking on album in one pane gives the contents in another. not saying that the existing interface is that bad. Now this is asking too much! so better if user has some nice scripting interface.

Then the way I want to organize where my podcasts are stored.

Also have multiple libraries like all songs from Bollywood(Indian music), music by American and Bitish singers, music by local concerts and so on. - Jul 20 2010
PlaybaK (aka KDE Media Player)

Video Apps by gilfcp10 146 comments

Your UI looks great. Hope you make something which gets to kill the amarok. I love that player but there are some features missing.

1. Better control over the display and media library management.

2. Winamp like modern skins.

3. Pluggable applets (means you don't need to compile the whole amarok). - Jul 19 2010

by davidsansome

Sep 20 2010