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Sep 23 2006
Look, it's plainly spelled out in the GPL. You modified a GPL'ed SVG and then distributed a derivative of that work. Under the GPL you are required to distribute your modifications to that SVG as SVG (source), it's not sufficient to only supply the PNG (binary).

If you can't supply your modified SVG you must remove this PNG from distribution or else you're infringing the copyright owner's copyright.

But don't take my word for it, I encourage you to contact the copyright owner on this. I really doubt they put a GPL license on their work if what they really intended was to let people distribute derivative works without also distributing the modified source. - Mar 11 2007
Um, where precisely? It's not in the download link and not on your website. - Feb 28 2007
Since the original SVG is GPL and you modified it to create this PNG, please post your modified SVG. - Feb 01 2007