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Bryan Schaubach

Wallpaper Other by C4rlitos 1 comment

On my desktop now! Thanks for this, it is simple, it rocks, and IT STAYS - Dec 08 2007

Wallpapers Kubuntu by C4rlitos 2 comments

Wonderful background. I would definitely use it if it did not have the logo.. any chance of a logo free one? I am just looking for some simple graytones and yours is perfect! - Dec 07 2007

Groupware by tobgle 20 comments

How did you get this to compile on Gentoo? I have an AMD64 and it errors out for me. Got an ebuild to share? - Feb 28 2006
KlearBox (Gentoo ebuild)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by smarques 1 comment

Works great on my AMD64 Gentoo box.. you should key it amd64 as well as x86 :) Thanks for the effort! - Dec 02 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by mrFloyd 6 comments

I had to register just to comment on this. This karamaba theme ROCKS! Thanks for making it. Fresh and original! Works great. - May 27 2005