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Olivier Duclos Toulouse, France

Openbox Themes by kiwiremysaotome 2 comments

I've never played TF2 but the blue theme is awesome. Nice gradient ! - Sep 13 2008
twm theme

Openbox Themes by crimeboy 3 comments

finally ! Someone makes an openbox theme different from the others. Thank you so much ! - Apr 01 2008

Openbox Themes by envyouraudience 3 comments

Looks great ! What fonts did you used ? - Feb 21 2008

Openbox Themes by fedex1993 1 comment

Did you know there are red, green, and even brown apples ? - Dec 31 2007

Openbox Themes by urukrama 7 comments

Those pastel colors are very pleasant :)

What font are you using with your gtk theme ? - Aug 19 2007
Pink-esque Love

Openbox Themes by kiwiremysaotome 2 comments

Very nice emo theme ;)
But next time, please provide an unresized screenshot. - Aug 12 2007
Onyx Blueish

Openbox Themes by hscholz 5 comments

I love it ! It goes pretty well with the MurrinaFancySea gtk theme. - Jun 19 2007
Onyx Blueish

Openbox Themes by hscholz 5 comments

This theme looks great, but the download link is wrong. - Jun 18 2007
Aqua_Project ROX filler port

Full Icon Themes by darkowl 8 comments

Sweeeet ! - Apr 04 2007

GTK2 Themes by roberTOstudiOS 23 comments

Help ! The download link is broken. - Sep 28 2006

GTK2 Themes by dude2425 5 comments

This is really creazy ! - Jul 26 2006

Full Icon Themes by camille 2 comments

Good to see somebody creating Rox themes. This doesn't happen often.

I globaly like this theme, except the color of directories. - Jul 07 2006
Traveling Chicken Man

Cliparts by flamingyak 5 comments

You should make wallpapers with your chikenman ;) - Oct 31 2005
Cthulhu Calls

XMMS Skins by thelogan2 1 comment

This theme is a very good idea, but I'm sure you can find a better image of Cthulhu. This is just a big octopus man:( - Oct 08 2005
Edit as Root

Dolphin Service Menus by gammaknife 44 comments

After installing your useful mod, I noticed a strange behaviour : when I right-click on a text file I see "Edit as root" two or three times.
One time is enough I think.

Any idea ? - Jun 06 2005
Kubuntu Package Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by philipacamaniac 18 comments

Thank you very much for this very useful extension. Works perfectly for me. - Jun 06 2005
Vegetal (1024x768)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Maxilys 1 comment

Very nice !
Flower power !
Thanks. - Dec 04 2004