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olav Paulsen
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Moomex Ultimatum

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Jan 13 2009
This icon is causing the panel to be to big 128 in height. Actually I liked that, though it obviously is a bug since the panel background isn't intended to look that way. Any way to change the panel background texture?

Also, I can't find the big icons you use for music etc on screenshot! I only have themn in 96, and that's to small.. - Dec 02 2008
First of all, I LOVE your theme! Nice :)
But the skype icon is smaller then the rest, so is there a way of either removing it or fixing it?

Also Banshee isn't looking it's best; the now playing text is black with dark grey background.

At last: Is there a way of getting the windows list to just show icons like Windows 7? That would be neat :) - Nov 20 2008
Blue Joy

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Aug 17 2008
Yea, I'm wondering about the same thing! - Nov 18 2008
Emesene Live

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May 29 2008
I guess it's to popular, and gets to many downloads a day? (Link's not working) - May 22 2008

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Oct 28 2010
Well, I took a black cross from another theme, and overwritten the red cross in the black and white icon-theme, so now it's good :) - May 03 2008
Thanks a lot for the show only icons tip! I just messed around in wiew in nautius and prefs there. (Can't understand why the choice to show icons isn't there as well...) - May 03 2008
I also think the toolbar in nautilus could be smaller. Any ways to fix this? - May 03 2008
Love your theme! But what really bugs me are these to big red close crosses everywhere. I can't see them on your screenshots - May 03 2008

GTK2 Themes 79 comments

by wulax
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Sep 25 2008
But my Pidgin inactive contacts gets black nicks. Any fix for this? - Sep 05 2007