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Olaf Schmidt

Audio Apps by voglrobe 21 comments

Robert, if you are interested in this kind of software, then please have a look at the KDE Accessibility Project:

kdeaccessibility 1.0, released last spring, contains KMouth, which has similar functionality. It has features like phrasebooks and a history list, but does not have a system tray icon.

Also, there is kttsd in the kdenonbeta CVS modules, which aims to become a general text-to-speech service for KDE. I currently have half-finished patches for kttsd on my harddisk that will provide systray functionality.

While it is good to see other people are also interested in writing accessibility software for KDE, I do not want to duplicate work that has already been done elsewhere.

I will also contact you by email and invite you to join or project. Maybe it is possible to merge KSayIt and KMouth, or KSayIt and kttsd. It must be quite frustrating for you to see that some of your great work has already be done and released for KDE, but on the other hand via cooperation your extra features could be included in KDE 3.3.

I really hope you are willing to cooperate with us in the KDE Accessibility team, you would be very welcome indeed.

Olaf Jan Schmidt
(KDE Accessibility co-maintainer) - Jan 12 2004