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yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

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Mar 23 2013
Another possibility is, the user updated to KDE4.5.2 from a 3rd party repo while yawp was compiled against KDE4.5.1 in the official repo. And since 4.5.2 doesn't have the resetCompleted symbol, plasma crashes. yawp has to be recompiled for 4.5.2. I wonder why they break the ABI in a minor release.

However this doesn't explain the Gentoo compilation error. - Oct 15 2010
This is really weird. I see that Gentoo also has a problem with this:

But their problem surfaced during the compilation time. Maybe there was a problem with the cmake build system with 4.5.1 and your distro has a patch to fix it? - Oct 15 2010
This was reported to us by a number of Fedora users. I cannot reproduce the crash either. I did not get a crash log but I got this:

plasma-desktop: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/kde4/ undefined symbol: _ZN12IonInterface14resetCompletedEPS_b

What do you get when you run ldd -r on the .so files that come with yawp? - Oct 15 2010
I need to mention that this is for yawp-0.3.5 - Oct 12 2010
If yawp is compiled against KDE4.5.1 it doesn't work. Actually it crashes plasma

You need to do a
sed -i 's|4,5,2|4,5,1|' ions/ions_*
After that, everything works. - Oct 12 2010
Official Fedora packages get built in clean environments. There is no trace of an old build in the build machine during the rebuild of any package, including yawp.

Martin, how often does this crash happen? - Mar 13 2010
Sorry, the user had reported the bug against the yawp build that was already recompiled against kde4.4. That was why I carried this over here. I think he got confused of something at some point.

So I believe this bug report can be ignored. - Mar 04 2010
Hi, one of our users at Fedora reported a crash when entering a city and pushing the find button.

Here is the bug report, which includes a backtrace:

I will direct the user here in case you need more information from him. - Mar 02 2010
0.3.1 had this problem for me but 0.3.2 resolved it. Please note that I had to close yawp, update yawp on the system, logout, login, add yawp to the desktop to get the new version rolling. If I don't logout, it still showed me the old version. (Perhaps plasma caches the old information somewhere and doesn't check if the plasmoid is updated on the system.) - Dec 07 2009
One issue I have is, the text looks bad with black fonts and light background. The font shadows get mixed with the font itself and the whole theme looks blurry. Looks good with white font though. - Dec 04 2009
yawp is in the official Fedora repo. You can install it through your favorite package manager or simply with

yum install kde-plasma-yawp - May 20 2009
Great, thanks!

Where can we download it? - May 04 2009
For instance, check this file from kernel sources:;a=blob;f=kernel/marker.c

So, can I assume that yawp is GPLv2 or later? If so, this can be used as the COPYING file: - May 03 2009
Uhm. Also, if it is GPL, could you please say so in the headers of the source files and add a COPYING file on the root of the source tree? I'm planning to package this for Fedora because I think this is the best weather plasmoid out there. It would be good to have this match the packaging standards, which will probably be appreciated by other distros as well. - May 02 2009
What is the correct license for this plasmoid?

In the header of the source files it says "Copyright: Do what you want, whenever you want.", which implies Public Domain, whereas in the README file it says "See the GPL (General Public Licence)"

So is this Public Domain or GPL? - May 02 2009

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Sep 18 2008
Glad to see you back too mate. - Sep 24 2008

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Sep 04 2008
Sorry dpetka2001, I haven't been able to look at soundmania for a long while.

Your problem looks like a distribution issue. The python superkaramba is using is not the python pyqt is compiled for, as far as I understood.

Keep an eye on updates. It should be fixed soon. Well, it may be fixed by now.

By the way, I just started porting soundmania to KDE 4. It should be done very soon. - Aug 08 2008
I will check the lockup issues you folks mentioned in a few weeks. Sorry, I was extremely busy in the past few months. I just saw your comments. - May 04 2008
So You have PyQt-3.17 installed in your system but soundmania does not recognize it. That's probably because the python module that soundmania requires is called "qt" and your PyQt-3.17 installation has a non-standard name for this module.

I don't know how things work in gentoo, but try to locate your "qt" module. In my system (fedora) it is located at:


Yours should be somewhere close. Python looks at a couple places for modules when they are called, these are defined in $SYSPATH. The directories "/usr/lib/python2.5/" and "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/" are two of those places. Try to put a symlink to your own "qt" module in one of these directories and name your symlink "". The command you need is (as root):

ln -s /path/to/your/ /usr/lib/python-2.5/

Note that the "python-2.5" above might be different in your installation.

If this does not work, post me the contents of your PyQt-3.17 package and the directory where all your other regular python modules are installed. - Mar 29 2008
This is so weird. It doesn't happen on my i386 and x64 computers. The error message is irrelevant, it doesn't tell anything.

I don't know what to say. I appreciate your dedication to test and report bugs for soundmania.

Can you send me the contents of the ~/.superkaramba/soundmania/config file so I can try to reproduce the bug myself (you can email me or post it here)? Also inform me about your pykde status and your cpu type. I am also wondering: Does your cpu jump to 100% suddenly or does it gradually increase?

I found a couple other minor bugs so I think I will have to release a 3.0.1 version soon. - Feb 20 2008
Hi John,
For the time being I still have no idea what's going on. Can you try erasing all the config files, both old and new:

rm -fr /home/your_username/.superkaramba/soundmania*
rm -fr /home/your_username/.albumcovers/temp
(the second one may not exist)

Did you ever try 2.9 on another system?

- Oct 18 2007
For some reason your language setting is messed up. Edit the file:

there is a line called language, change that line to:

language = ""

It should work fine thenafter. Or alternatively, for a fresh start delete that config file. I'll also recommend deleting the /home/pol/.superkaramba/soundmania.rc
file (and perhaps all the soundmania files and subdirectories in that directory) - Oct 18 2007
That is a perfectly legal line in python. I don't understand why you get that error.

Did you set the debug mode to 2? See above for howto. Maybe there is an indentation error somewhere else. Python does this sometimes. - Oct 09 2007
Can you try the latest version (2.9) and send me the output (with debug level 2). - Aug 03 2007
The first error is my mistake. fnc_exception is there but it is not defined yet. The order is important. You can move the fnc_exception function somewhere before that line 114, or just comment out that line as you did. Thanks for pointing this out.

The second error is not actually an error. It is an exception. 'Dying with status 6' means no player is found. What player are you trying? Did you try selecting that player instead of using the auto mode?

Thanks for the feedback. - Jul 21 2007
Great, I'll make the next version so that it won't hang if it can't assign the button shortcuts (accel's). - Jul 04 2007
Can you comment out all the setAccel lines like those two and give it a try? There are 4 lines in total. - Jul 04 2007
That shouldn't happen. That defines the keyboard shortcut for opening the README file. You can put the skz file in a new directory and issue

unzip soundmania-2.8.skz

Then comment out the line, line 698
(Put a # in front of the line.)

Then start soundmania with

superkaramba soundmania.theme inside the same directory.

But really, this shouldn't happen unless you don't have a F1 button.

It works for me. I will check it on other computers I have. - Jul 04 2007
I located the bug and hopefully fixed it completely with the new release (2.7.6). Let's hope that the fix doesn't introduce other bugs, since everything is tied to each other.

Please try it and let me know if there is any problem.

Thanks for your time. - Jun 13 2007
The way soundmania works is as follows: Soundmania continuously asks amarok the time elapsed in the current track being played. The frequency of this is more than 1 time a second (we want soundmania to display the time properly).

If there is a significant jump in the time elapsed that usually means that the track has changed, so soundmania asks amarok for the title, artist and bps, only once! If it asked for these things (title and artist name) every second the widget will consume lots of cpu, we don't want this.

If the player is idle, soundmania makes searches for the players it supports. These searches are made every few seconds in the "auto player" mode. If it finds a working player it switches to that one.

This is the most cpu friendly way I found to make soundmania work.

There could be 2 issues to check in your case:

1- The auto-player function may be causing the cpu spikes. Turn that off in the config menu. Pick the player you are using, so soundmania won't make player searches every few seconds. See if you still have spikes.

2- Soundmania is asking for the artist name and title every few seconds although it is not supposed to do so. This needs debugging. First of all you should tell me if you use PyKDE. It can be turned on/off in the config menu. Change it and see if the situation changes. PYKDE uses different calls. Although using it saves some cpu, it is found that this crashes in some systems.

Other than these two things, you should try to change the smoothness in the config menu, and see if it makes any difference. Tell me if it does.

Cheers. - May 29 2007
I'm sorry, there is no known workaround for the 64bit problem. My research on the topic says that this is a problem with pyqt and/or pykde on 64bit systems. I personally don't own a 64bit computer hence I can't make tests on this.

KDE4 will be out in a couple months written with qt4. pyqt4 is also rewritten. I will expect to rewrite the soundmania engine with pyqt4 by the end of this year. I will hopefully have a 64bit system by then.

About the 100% cpu problem: I don't know what to say. I have the problem myself with pykde on. The code is really long, and I cannot solve the problem without a traceback (or luck). I think I have to compile superkaramba myself with verbose output support. I'll see what I can do.

Sorry for not being of much help. - May 09 2007
Does it happen when you turn off the pykde support? - May 08 2007
The file is
The function is called set_albumcover()
- Mar 19 2007
I wasn't aware of this. There are a couple of other things that need to be fixed as well. I am currently on vacation. I will deal with this soon (within 2-3 weeks).

Thanks. - Dec 25 2006
Thanks for letting me know.

It looks like amarok developers have changed their dcop api.

I'll see what I can do.

Clicking (anywhere) on the theme updates it correctly, at least on my machine. There is no need to reload the theme. - Sep 28 2006
Well, the fix is,
edit find the line (around ~390):

(1 line)

playermodulelist = os.popen("ls %s*py |grep -v |grep -v |grep -v |grep -v"%(theme_path)).readlines()

replace it via

(1 line)

playermodulelist = os.popen("ls \'%s\'/*py |grep -v |grep -v |grep -v |grep -v"%(theme_path)).readlines() - Jul 17 2006
I think the problem is with the path
/home/kriko/Osebno/Kde style/Superkaramba/soundmania-2.7.1/soundmania.theme

It has a space between "Kde" and "style".
I didn't know about this. I'll see what I can do.

For a workaround you can make a sym link that does not contain a space in the path name:

ln -s /home/kriko/Osebno/Kde\ style /home/kriko/Osebno/.Kde_style
superkaramba /home/kriko/Osebno/.Kde_style/Superkaramba/soundmania-2.7.1/soundmania.theme

or just move soundmania to a directory which doesn't have spaces in the parent directories. - Jul 17 2006
You certainly need the dcopclient attribute. Commenting out won't help as it is a crucial thing soundmania uses.

After an upgrade, I had exactly the same problem in my system (dcopclient attribute error). I kept using the old version of pykde for a while. One day, I accidentally upgraded pykde again. Now I can't find the old version and pykde doesn't work for me either. I'm using Fedora Core 5.

Strangely enough, pykde works in my laptop which has Kubuntu installed.

For the time, I suggest to disable pykde. I will see if there is a change in the pykde api that does not accept the dcop calls which the old pykde used to accept. - Jul 01 2006
Hi scido,
Can you enable the debug mode ( line ~60) and send me the output (with enabled pykde).

If you get an output that tells a module (possibly dcop) cannot be found (or cannot be loaded), then there is a problem with your pykde installation. You may try an older version of pykde.

I'm using FC5 and Kubuntu. Sometimes whenever I upgrade my pykde, it does not work for soundmania. I don't know a solution for this yet.

Sorry for the late reply.


General information:
I didn't have much time to improve soundmania in the past months. I am struggling with my phd. But I plan to do some work on it this weekend. I already received a couple of new translations, which I am going to include. Other then this, I will add PIL (python image library) support, which works (kind of) faster than imagemagick. Other than that, I will put an option to the config window for enabling PyKDE. - Jun 29 2006
Can you try disabling some features so we can track the problem?
Try for example to disable to download missing albumcovers from internet, or try not displaying the albumcover at all.

Just try different combinations and tell me if you have a case where soundmania does not crash.

Is there any player that does not crash sounmania?

For BMP, you have to install xmmsctrl (the link is above).

I wish I had an amd64... :/ - Jun 08 2006
I'm sorry I was away for a couple days.

I remember from other people that pyqt has some issues in amd64 systems. I currently don't own a amd64 computer and can't solve the problem.

Could you instead try disabling pyqt for the widget. To do that, you have to open the file, go around line 60, change the line that corresponds to disable pyqt to:

force_nonpyqt = 1

Also try disabling pykde by changing the corresponding line to (if it is not already so):

force_nonpykde = 1

The payback for this change is, the widget will consume a little more cpu and you won't have the nice configuration window (all the config options are still available in the 'configure theme' menu)

Let's see if the widget works fine that way.

I'll be away for a couple more days, I'm sorry if I can't reply soon. - Jun 06 2006
I'm sorry, I probably forgot the debug mode turned on. I don't think these error messages are harmful. I'll turn the debug mode off in the next release. - May 19 2006
I know about the problem. From the 'Known Issues' above:
- Only the font title and font size are effective in the font selection dialog

Unfortunately, this is beyond my python knowledge. What I might suggest is you can play with your encoding settings. Select a Greek encoding and see if it works that way.
Orcan - Apr 08 2006
That's weird. I'll change that mkdir line with a native python function. Maybe it'll work that way. The one thing I may guess is there could be something going on with the selinux settings, but I don't know much about it.

Anyway, it shouldn't have crashed your kde. There is no malacious code in soundmania. Did you ever try to create that directory by hand?

I will release the new version today, with a couple fixes and translations. Hopefully in a couple of hours. - Apr 02 2006
I think there should be another error message that should come before these repetitive messages. Can you post that one please? - Mar 31 2006
I haven't tried sk 0.39 yet. I'll see what I can do. - Mar 30 2006
Welcome back hds,
Can you tell me which player you are using, and the status of the player (playing, paused, stopped etc.)?
Did you reenable pykde?
I will try to reproduce the issue myself.
Thanks - Mar 29 2006
I will have this fix in the new release - Mar 29 2006
I and my body

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Dec 27 2006
It's very interesting to me that my one-and-a-half year old karamba theme with 5000+ lines of python code got only 13000 downloads so far and your work doubled my number in less than a month.

Anyways, I do like some of the wallpapers here. Keep up the good work. - Sep 21 2006

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 3 comments

by SaPoX
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Jul 08 2006
good old days... - Jul 08 2006