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Abel Abel , United States of America
That "fix" for the firefox font didn't work - Aug 23 2006
There is still a bug with firefox menu bar.

The font is black, and the background is black, so you can't see the menu.

This was presented awhile ago. - Aug 22 2006
Ubuntulooks - Quickly Greening

GTK2 Themes by oddabel 2 comments

I think that might be you... mine is fine, and it's fine on another pc...
I'll take a look at it though... thanks! - Apr 26 2006
Fedora Core 5 Logo

Cliparts by Sekkyumu 19 comments

Very nice... except i your one shot you have Bubbles spelled bubles... don't know if that's intentional though :-) - Apr 26 2006
Ocean City Beach

Beaches and Oceans by CJPro 2 comments

Good pic...
small world though,
I'm from Bethany Beach, DE (About 2 miles north).

I've since moved to PA within the past year though, but my family is still there.

Good pic. - Aug 08 2005

GDM Themes by catfox 3 comments

Looks great, but without the version number would be best, seeing as how i run Gnome 2.12 Beta. :-) - Aug 01 2005
Water Vapor

GTK2 Themes by monchichi 75 comments

very nice...

what is the font you're using for Title bar and what not. - Jul 28 2005
Ghost red

XMMS Skins by nicolas 6 comments

I'm sorry bud, but it's just so dark, the red blends in with the black.

Maybe a lighter red? - Jul 23 2005