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Plasma 4 Extensions by notz 8 comments

Thanks for this great plasmoid! Its one of my favourite new additions to my plasma desktop :-)

I have a feature request, is it possible to add a configurable backend so that it could source data from either or - Aug 21 2008

FTP by Kostko 106 comments

I also like this app very much. It still has some problems eg. deleting many files on a remote ftp server is very slow. I am using it to manage a large (shared) rpm repo (9000+ srpm/rpms) and its greatest advantage over something like gftp is how you can compare files in dirs. You can easily identify and select differing files between host and remote dirs (unlike gftp which doesn't hide files that are the same).

For those of you that don't like the pop up balloons after transfers, its just a simple matter to disable them in using its configuration options (like I do).

kftgrabber is also the only decent linux ftp app that I can find that will also connect to an ftp server that is using ftp over TLS/SSL (implicit). I have tried others and none seem to work for me.

Keep up the good work guys :-) - Jan 01 2007

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by ocilent1 4 comments

Microshaft! Yikes!! - Mar 15 2006
PCLinuxOS - Phoenix 1280

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by ocilent1 8 comments

Yes, credit would have been given if I could have found the original author. I extracted my dragon from one of the many related wallpapers floating around. None of them acknowledged the original author of the pic, and after an exhaustive search, I evetnually gave up looking. But now I know... thanks for poitning him out :D

I never claimed that I drew the origianl dragon (although I did modify him a bit) nor did I claim that I made that PCLinxOS logo either..... but you didn't comment on that... What I did say is that I made this wallpaper.... which is true.... - Mar 01 2006
PCLinuxOS back-in-black

KDM3 Themes by Jurek 2 comments

If you install the back-in-black rpm in the PCLinuxOS repositories, you will get both a lilo, bootsplash and kde-splash back-in-black themes. - Feb 06 2006