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GTK2 Themes by fmrbpensador 45 comments

First off, I'm not sure if the style for the scrollbars goes well with everything else. Second, I just had some personal problems with the sliders. Both are things I can screw around with myself to get how I like, so no pressure on you ;) - Aug 29 2008

GTK2 Themes by fmrbpensador 45 comments

I love the theme, though it does have a few quirks that I'd like to see fixed (or I'll end up doing it myself XD).

I'm using my own green color to match a theme I've set up specially for the new school year (my school's colors, of course), and it looks great. I like the dark menu bars as I was using a dark theme before this (of my own design) and so it's definitely helping the transition back to the light side of the force.

Great work so far! - Aug 29 2008

GTK2 Themes by fmrbpensador 45 comments

Are you sure you hit the Defaults button under "Colors"? If you have a custom color set on, using one of these won't matter because it will use your color set. If you select "Defaults" it will use the defaults for whatever the theme is (even when you change the theme). - Aug 29 2008
OOo has a bug where it thinks dark GTK theme = high contrast mode - and trashes your icons. The only way to fix this is to use another theme. The best way to go about doing that is to write a script that will execute any app (as it's not just OOo that can look bad with a dark theme) with a different GTK2_RC_FILES set. When using a theme like mine - or any properly made them, that is - you need to make sure the theme you set it to does not use the color scheme, that is, it must have hard coded colors. I took Clearlooks and hard coded all of its default colors and saved it elsewhere. The script should look something like this:
env GTK2_RC_FILES=/usr/share/themes/ClearlooksStatic/gtk-2.0/gtkrc $@

I saved it as "gtkwrap" in /usr/bin and made it executable. It works quite nicely. Hopefully the OOo developers will fix (they still haven't in 3.0b!) - Jun 06 2008
I'm debating whether to move the tooltip colors into their own setting (you know, the one labeled "tooltips"). Instead of just going and doing it, I'd like to take a vote. I don't know if I should change it because that would require you to edit another color when changing your theme around, but meh, your choice.

Reply with "yes" (do it) or "no" (leave it how it is) accordingly.

- Jun 06 2008
You need to first have Murrine SVN
svn checkout murrine

Second, you need to manually edit config.h (after running ./configure with the appropriate options, make sure you have --enable-animation), and add "#define HAVE_RGBA 1", because it was recently put into a config option but wasn't added to the configure script or something like that.

Third, you need to have apps that support it. There's a list on Cimitan's website: - Jun 04 2008
Opening it Epiphany seems to work fine, might just be cache. - Jun 04 2008
Having some problems getting the updated archive uploaded... - Jun 04 2008
There's nothing special about the icon set - it's Tango! - Jun 04 2008
Still waiting to get it off the ground in the packaging area. May just take matters back into my own hands (I'm not currently doing the packaging), in which case it'll end up being Ubuntu-based (remastersys) - May 09 2008
I'll have a look at it. - May 09 2008
The wallpaper is just #222222 with the Compiz Core logo (I have one for each of the four logos created by Graphreak for Compiz-Fusion) - May 03 2008
Change it to "hilight_ratio" - it was renamed recently and the old spelling gave error messages and behaved differently.

Or just upgrade to the SVN copy of Murrine. - Apr 26 2008
Start Gnome-Appearance-Properties (or whatever you use) from the terminal, it may reveal something... - Apr 08 2008
svn checkout murrine
cd murrine
./configure --enable-animation
make && sudo make install

Unless you have to use autogen (I don't remember) - Apr 08 2008 - Apr 08 2008
Polish Glass

Beryl/Emerald Themes by bundini 15 comments

Amazing. - Mar 19 2008
Free as in Beauty

Wallpaper Other by fmrbpensador 12 comments

Select the text, then under "Path" click "Convert Object to Path" - Mar 13 2008
Free as in Beauty

Wallpaper Other by fmrbpensador 12 comments

Make one more and I'll replace my UN flag set. They all look great. - Mar 13 2008