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Rune D\'Shyznit , United States of America
SysTach System Monitor - Re-write!

Karamba & Superkaramba by mjkersey 17 comments

Ok, so i havent even downloaded this one yet (currently at work) and i can tell it rocks.

Few suggestions, dont shoot me if they're already implemented (like i said, havent actually downloaded it yet, but will as soon as i get home)

1. How about creating a sister "speedometer" for net speed... the main "meter" could be up and down added together, for a combined throughput... and smaller "boxes" like on the tach could represent individual Up and Down, with possible options of multiple eth's or ra's

2. Another idea... release a "second" version or package in an alternat tach that focuses less on the overclocking info (most people dont really need to know or care much about thier voltage core) possibly through in other info

3. Last suggestion... pull the graph down a bit and widen it to look more like a standard "odometer" display, under the needle

just my two cents :) - Mar 01 2008

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 15 comments

So you have a double line conky in the screenshot, but the link takes me to a single line conky (at least the screenshot for it looks pretty darned single line)

is it still two lines and the screenshot is wrong or vice versa... i really like the 2 line version a lot more than the single line, and is exactly what im looking for... anyway you could message me the double line if at all possible??? - Feb 11 2008
New Linux-Look

Karamba & Superkaramba by Phlox 15 comments

Very nice... i think i just found a new karamba theme... thanks for the great work - Feb 25 2007
Baldr Style

Beryl/Emerald Themes by xpace 5 comments

So i totally love this theme. In fact its the only one i will run now.

I was just wondering... since im artisticly challenged and couldnt theme my way out of a cardboard box i was wondering/hoping you could work on possible variations, like a bright red or neon green... - Dec 09 2006