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by nyda
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Feb 03 2005
I'm afraid I won't make it this week anymore. The bugfix itself would have been quite easy, but I already started to convert some of the hardcoded design elements to a gtkrc-controlled version - which will take a few more days, especially since I couldn't get away from a book I was reading ("Song of Ice and Fire") :-) - Feb 11 2005
Its an engine bug and will be fixed in the next release. It's not a gnome 2.9 issue. - Feb 06 2005
I've successfully tested it on GTK 2.6 now, so the issue is likely BSD related. I added some more pointer checks, but since I can't reproduce the problem it's only a wild guess.
I'll release a new version with that and more new stuff (gtkrc options) somewhere next week. - Feb 05 2005
Obviously that's not supposed to happen. Can you give some more details about your system? (P)PC?, 32/64 bit? Is gnome installed or do you use GTK only?... - Feb 04 2005

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Jun 30 2005
Looks pretty neat to me. I don't use Firefox either (Epiphany), so I don't care about its issues :-)

Btw, if Firefox doesn't tell you which button is being drawn, how do you tell what kind of arrow (up/down) to paint? Or is that another step or widget? If so, one could imagine a hack that doesn't draw the scrollbuttons when first requested but only then when drawing the arrow is requested.
(Please disregard if what I say does not make any sense to you :) ) - Jan 30 2005
The mockup looks really nice. Same goes for the new menus and menuitem highlights. Really good job!

In regards to the button contrast, is it possible to adjust this from the theme file? (Or is it possible to add support for this?) I think it's mostly the toolbuttons which would profit from a little less contrast on the edges.

Finally, is there anything that can be done about the additional black border created by tabs as shown in (compare window with and without tabs)? I think the window looks a lot better without the inner border created by the tab, but you can't just leave it away either, right? Maybe make it beveled in grey instead of complete black?

Anyways, thanks for this nice update! - Jan 15 2005
Looks really nice! I have some (hopefully constructive) criticism though:

- the highlight for the current menuitem looks like it's still the one from the redhat theme(?). It's too strong and lacks rounded edges. Maybe some simple bevel-effect would suffice?

- scrollbars lack those nice rounded edges you used for buttons and other components, too.

- the edges of buttons, tabs and especially toolbuttons could be a little bit weaker with less contrast, similar to the strength of menuitem-separators or the line between toolbars.

That said, it's still the best non-pixmap/svg theme I've seen so far. Thank you! - Jan 09 2005
Charisma Carpenter

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by o6n
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Jul 28 2005
Maybe she's using QT. - Jan 27 2005