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Mar 11 2006
To enable more, change your sidebarconfig file from:




The next release will include a graphical tool to add, remove, and install plugins for the Sidebar. - Mar 12 2006
Actually I'm in the process of adding scrolling. I also want to make it so that the user can change the size of the icons to suite their preferences. I hope to include the scrolling feature in version 0.4.1, which I'm trying to release by next Friday. - Mar 11 2006
I'm glad you got it to work. I don't understand how permissions are the problem with running the themes under /usr, but I'll try to look into it. If you have any suggestions as to why, please let me know.

Thanks for your comments! - Mar 09 2006
The kuartetlib directory must be copied to the site-packages/ directory of your python install. On my computer this is /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/.
The other directories can reside in either /usr/share/kuartet, /usr/local/kuartet, or ~/.kuaret. Those directories get searched in that order.

Hope that helps. Like I said, I really need to refine the installation process, but it's not a priority at the moment. - Mar 09 2006
Hey thanks for the response. I had not tested running the themes from /usr/share or /usr/local yet. I just tested installing Kuartet into /usr/local/share/kuartet and found a problem. For some reason, I cannot run any of the themes located in /usr/local/share/kuartet/apps/. I get a similar 'Could not read config file' message.

However, if I copy just the apps/ directory to my $home, they open up just fine. Maybe this has something to do with write privileges. So my only solution for the time being is to try copying the apps/ directory somewhere in $home. Hopefully they work for you. I'll try to figure out the problem, but for the mean time I'm just going to change my installation instructions. - Mar 09 2006
I hope this new release solves the problems people were having with version 0.3.1. I apologize for delayed responses, but I have been in the process of getting version 0.4.0 ready for release. A lot of work has gone into this release, and it is by far the most polished to date.

Even though this version is major upgrade, I do not consider it feature complete. The reason for the release is that I couldn't sit on the code any longer. I read an open source motto of 'release early, release often' or something like that. But the following issues will be addressed soon:

1. Installation sucks. I need to create some distro-specific packages to ease the process.
2. Work needs to be done on the Taskbar. A lot of code was borrowed from Cleanbar. I'm still learning how to code w/ Superkaramba more efficiently. But at the moment, there is a finite amount of separate applications that you can see via the taskbar. I say separate applications because it does group windows from the same applications together in a menu. Also, I need to add basic task functions to a popup menu so that you can easily close, move, or max/minimize windows from the taskbar and not see the ugly SK menu.
3. I need to incorporate Drag and Drop support into the Sidebar. Mainly this is for the Trash plugin, which currently just opens trash:/ in konqueror.
4. Currently, only konqueror is used for browsing the web. I need to make it so that the user can also choose Firefox or Opera.
5. I need to add a config dialog for the Sidebar, and also add a dialog to easily install Kuartet themes, applets, and plugins graphically.

So as you can see, there is much work to be done on the 0.4.x series. However, they will come gradually and the result should be wonderful :-)

I hope to have details on making themes available so that real artists (certainly not me) can contribute to the project.

If you haven't already done so, download the new version!!! - Mar 09 2006
0.38 is the version included with kde 3.5.1...or at least thats the version the about superkaramba dialog says. - Feb 15 2006
I've tested the installation process to the best of my abilities on two seperate installs and haven't encountered any problems. If you could run superkaramba in a terminal and post whatever output you receive here or email it to me, I'll do my best to decipher the problem.

On my system, I've tested running the .theme files anywhere on the system. The config files are placed in ~/.kuartet/config/, the config scripts are in ~/.kuartet/scripts, and the theme directories are in ~/.kuartet/themes.

Again, if you can post the superkaramba output I'll do my best to help. I do acknowledge that I did a half ass effort in packaging 0.3.0 and I'll try to ease the process in my next release. - Feb 15 2006
I've realized that I rushed the release of 0.2.1, and there are a couple bugs in it. Also, the themes shipped with it suck. I've been working on making it a little more eye pleasing. Check out for a look at some upcoming themes. - Jan 14 2006
That error message means you don't have PyKDE installed, which Kuartet depends on. I need to implement some error checking so that it's easier to diagnose problems.

PyKDE depends on the packages sip and PyQT. Search the repositories for whatever distro your running and after you get it installed, give Kuartet a shot. - Jan 13 2006
The reasons behind Kuartet not working could be numerous. Open up a terminal and change to the directory where you unpacked the download.

Type:superkaramba CommandPanel.theme 2> output

Since you say Kuartet hangs, go ahead and close superkaramba shortly after you start it.

Send me the output file or post its contents here and I'll do my best to see where the problem lies. - Jan 12 2006
Thanks for the comments. I've recently subscribed to the KDE 4 mailing list and I read where they are thinking about implementing something similar.
Shortly, Kuartet will implement many of the features they are talking about but within KDE 3.5, namely having desktop applets with a centralized theme and centralized functionality.

If I had Gentoo installed I'd try to help you compile PyKDE, but I haven't messed with Gentoo for years (mainly because I don't have the time.) - Jan 12 2006
The wallpaper is one that is shipped with PCLinuxOS, the absolute easiest distro I've used. - Jan 11 2006
Some of my inspiration was drawn from Mezzo, however, I do not agree with the projects approach. I see no reason to build a completely new desktop when there are already very pwerful foundations to build upon.

Also, I do agree that the current version isn't too eye pleasing, though it has improved. I am no artist, nor do I pretend to be. Right now I'm working on making everything themeable so that real artists who like the project can contribute. - Jan 11 2006
That error means that you don't have PyKDE installed, which depends on PyQT.
What distro are you running? I'm running PCLinuxOS, which has PyQT installed by default and for which I was able to compile PyKDE after installing the required dependencies. - Jan 11 2006
I checked SKopete out and it is pretty cool. I learned about the KIconLoader class by looking at your code. Thanks for the suggestion. - Jan 11 2006
Thanks for the suggestion. Originally my plan was to mimic SymphonyOS, which is why I put the icons in the corners. However, I've been considering not including them by default in the next version because they go against my centralized control panel-thing (couldn't really pick better words to desribe it.) I do plan on implementing them at a later date so that functionality can be added if wanted, but as of now it is not a priority so the corners will be excluded in the next release. - Dec 17 2005
Net Activity is a gret suggestion that I will implement in 0.1.2, which will be released shortly. Once I get the graphical config utilities finished you'll be able to choose which stats you want to display. - Dec 16 2005
Just released version 0.1.1. I included an install script so hopefully people can get it running. Unfortunately, I have only one computer to test it on at the moment. - Dec 16 2005
This is Trey, the author of Kuartet. Kat integration, a Google search bar, most used/last used app/doc, and more are all ideas that I plan on implementing in the near future.

Right now everything is very rough around the edges (it hasn't even been a full 24 hours yet since I began coding). The problem with the missing config error has turned up on my computer as well. A workaround at the moment is to open a terminal, change to the directory you unpacked the tar.gz file, and run "superkaramba desktop_panel.theme"

Hopefully that works. A new version is in the works at the moment and hopefully this issue will be addressed.

The menu file is called applications.kuartet in the config/ directiory. The format is simple:
AppName AppExecutable

There is no graphical menu editor at the moment but that is also in the works, along with a graphical theme editor. - Dec 15 2005