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Christopher Cox
Gnome Snow Icon set

Icon Sub-Sets by hogemann 8 comments

I agree with the no white as main color point. I skip over ANY theme that is primarily white because I am not one for dark themes. I like light, clean, shiny ... what have you .... but none will look good with white icons. Even pastel loving people will find little reason to use it.

As far as nothing being in the folder .. I like it that way. It is different ... why be like the other icon sets? - Feb 08 2005
dead man

Wallpaper Other by onlyjust 19 comments

He is probably some 13 year old kid who sees dead anything and says ... "cool". I was a little kid once, and I thought seeing a dead person was cool just because it got the blood pumping. BUT i'm all grown up now! LOL :-)

Or he is a teen 19 year older who was beated sevearly by his single parent in his trailer that coasted down the hill one day because the hillbilly dad did not tie it down correctly. hmmmmmm. - Jan 27 2005
dead man

Wallpaper Other by onlyjust 19 comments

This is by far the most disturbing and wrong wallpaper to make. No other wallpaper is this bad.

I believe the author and photographer of this has some issues he/she needs to work out.

If this was a picture of my family or friend, believe me I would go after the author legally, take him for every dime he/she has and maybe physically ... if I knew who they were.

This is something that needs to be banned by places like this. Very immoral. - Jan 27 2005
copyleft flag svg wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by boobytrapped 5 comments

Yeh ... I would have thought that was obvious. Maybe he just does not know what copyleft is. If you do not know, it is a term that is basis for the license that Linux uses .. the GPL. Copyleft states that the author gives permission for people to modify the code .. but under certain conditions. - Jan 09 2005 Writer

Office Apps by kendy 34 comments

Ya ... that would not surprise me ... as the Gentoo openoffice-ximian builds came from the Ximian group who was bought by Novell who also bought SuSE. So, it would make sense that the next version of SuSE would come with the Ximian OpenOffice like I have already been using with Gentoo. It is great! It can also be built with GNOME 2.8 dialogs. - Oct 26 2004 Writer

Office Apps by kendy 34 comments

Well... in gentoo you just emerge openoffice-ximian. So ... im sure you could just search for the ximian version of openoffice on the net somewhere. - Oct 26 2004 Writer

Office Apps by kendy 34 comments

I have been using Gentoo for a long time and you can already get the LATEST OpenOffice with KDE support. For a while now we just build the ximian edition of OpenOffice with the correct use flag and it automatically built a version of the latest openoffice with KDE icons and the file open/save dialogs. I do not see how this is anything new. If you want the LATEST openoffice track the ximian sources. - Oct 26 2004
Oh ... im using Gentoo Linux. I emerged it ... as well as download the source from the web site. The web site doesnt have devel packages. - Oct 20 2004
Okay call me stupid ... but I have an error saying it cant find uudeview.h anywhere. I have installed the latest uudevew and can use the commands in said package .... but apparently it can't find the header fiels? I have the uulib directory but where do I put it to be recognized? - Oct 19 2004
Sidebar improvement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by ra1n 26 comments

I can picture it now, he will remove features until he decides to use his skills to remove X ... then go backwards in time till we have DOS. - Jul 15 2004

Video Apps by kiriuja 100 comments

This can happen if you are using GL or GL2 as your output by default. If you use GL or GL2 then it uses your graphic driver OpenGL overlay.

THis happens with the ATI Radeon drivers from ATI. It will always play in a separate window. Try xv. - Jul 06 2004

Video Apps by kiriuja 100 comments

This player is without a doubt better than kmplayer. I have a problem with kmplayer using the xv video output in kmplayer when other apps are running ... mainly the no resource bug. I know this is an mplayer error. I can get passed it by using x11 video, but in kmplayer, switching full screen or resizing wouldnt happen for me.

I switched to kplayer and you can set it for auto. I find that it will play videos in the background that kmplayer wouldnt because of the mplayer bugs ... but this was resolved with the auto output setting and the fallback feature.

This player is AWESOME. Good job author! - Jul 04 2004
The Final Piece Of The Puzzle - 3.2

Wallpaper Other by dannya 3 comments

Well, KDE 3.2 has gotten a friend of mine to go 100% Linux ... so I think it is a piece of the grand puzzle. Good job! - Feb 05 2004

System Software by stefano 56 comments

This is such a great application. I think it should be included with KDE.

Is it possible to add wlan0 to the list of devices in a next release? Right now it works perfectly with wlan0 ... but I have to edit the config file manually to add it. When I add a new user I have to edit each user manually as well. Sure I can put a default config in skel ... but that wouldnt help any of my current users.

What do you think? - Jan 30 2004