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Dmitry Nullst
KParts Plugin

Browser by fischer 139 comments

This plug-in is great and I enjoy having embedded Okular in Firefox very much. The only issue is that menubar and toolbar take some vertical space, and I don't use either of them very often: my typical pdf-file browsing session is "open the file, read some parts, then close it". It would be really great for me to have "Disable UI" option in right-click menu, which will hide menubar, toolbar, and maybe even pagebar, leaving only the content of a file and scrollbar. Then pdf file viewing in Firefox would be really like reading an ordinary web page.

Other commenters proposed a right-click menu option to disable only toolbar or only menubar. I would be happy with this too (and page bar hiding is already implemented).

One more thing, which is probably impossible: what about special "performance" settings for Okular? It has a choice of memory usage politics, and while having "Normal" or "Aggressive" mode in a standalone viewer is OK, forcing embedded okular windows to switch to "Low" memory usage seems reasonable (as an option, indeed). I have to admit that this is very okular-specific and given that (as far as I know, but I may be wrong) okular doesn't support different modes in different instances, the idea looks improbable, but still there may be some way.

Thank you for your work on the plug-in which makes browsing a lot more convenient. I often have to look through pdf files linked from web and using KParts+Okular instead of a clumsy and somewhat slow Adobe Reader plug-in for Firefox is very nice. - Dec 16 2012