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Dmitry Khlystov Zlatoust, Russian Federation
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Amarok 2.x Scripts 31 comments

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Sep 16 2009
Found in debug output:
SCRIPT "amaroKnotify" : "ReferenceError: TEXT_TITLE_HELP is not defined"
I'm using ru_RU.UTF-8 locale, and this string is not defined in russian translation. When using en_US.UTF-8 configuration entry appers in setting menu. Please add this to russian translation file:
const TEXT_TITLE_HELP = "Справка";
This bug can be fixed by loading translation defined by system language, and then english translation to add untranslated entries:
if (QFile.exists(Amarok.Info.scriptPath() + '/' + languageFileName)) {
Importer.include('lang/en.js'); - Nov 17 2009
Have the same problem with amarok 2.2.0. amaroKnotify is runnting, but no configuration entry in settings menu :( - Nov 17 2009
Crystal Project

Full Icon Themes 126 comments

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Aug 11 2009
kopete icon have no animation :( - Sep 15 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba 19 comments

by nu11
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Jun 27 2007
looks strange, but python script doesn't work from skz file. Unpacked version works fine.

Solution: unpack .skz file to any dir and open Thermometer.theme with karamba
(skz is just a zip archive) - Jun 25 2007
i've made this applet in suse 10.1. On suse it works fine :)
I will try to test it with kubuntu 7.04 in a few days - Jun 21 2007
try to run karamba in konsole and look for any error messages - Jun 21 2007
is python installed? - Jun 13 2007
There is no one big 'options' dialog.
Right click on the applet -> configure applet - Apr 28 2007
lm sensors can monitor cpu, m/b temperatures, fan speeds, voltages etc. You can get it at
To use lm sensors with my widget:
1) open konsole and type 'sensors'
It shows available sensors and their values(for example 'CPU Temp' or 'M/B Temp')
2) copy sensor name to the dialog box

You can also use any program like hddtemp and nvclock. Just type command to the dialog. Some examples:
hddtemp -n /dev/hda
nvclock -T | grep ':' | awk '{print $4}' - Mar 29 2007
Version 2.0 released! - Mar 08 2007
Yes, it will be possible in version 2 - Mar 08 2007
coldness of relations

KDE Plasma Screenshots 3 comments

by nu11
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Jun 05 2007 - Jun 13 2007

KDE Plasma Screenshots 2 comments

by nu11
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Jan 20 2007