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Birkoff Seymour Birkoff , Brazil
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GTK2 Themes by monchichi 75 comments

I would first like to say that I liked your theme and that I wouldn't take the time to comment it otherwise.

Regardless of what I thought of your theme it seems to overload Xorg process in gnome ( most recent stable version from today ) . That wouldn't be a problem for most users, the only problem they would have is a ocasional performance loss. On the other hand, in my case, I am an user which doesn't like ( can't afford ) performance loss due to my system ( it has some hardware issues and can't get too hot ). So, if possible, i would like to suggest you to do a lighter, more useable, theme.

By the way I would also like to say that in other computers ( not this one ) i use your theme. - Jun 06 2006