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Tamas Marki , Yugoslavia
Plasma 4 Extensions
S3 Share Plasmoid

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Nov 04 2009
This is not a help message board.

Please post your problems to a forum that is actually there to help, like the KDE developers mailing list, or something.

Please stop spamming this project's page with messages that have nothing to do with the S3 share plasmoid.

Thank you. - Nov 11 2009
There's a trick to this that took me some time to find.

You need to name your controls "kcfg_NAME", e.g. you prepend kcfg_ to the control name. Then Plasma will know that this is a configuration setting, and will save it.
Of course you also have to define it in the config xml file.

If you're still confused, just check out my plasmoid's source code (or even use it in your plasmoid), it's rather simple.

HTH - Nov 10 2009
Interesting idea, I checked it out and looks promising, though I didn't really go into it in depth.

I'm planning a few smaller additions to this plasmoid, and when I finish I'll consider a dropbox plasmoid again.

So much to do, so little time! :)

Thanks for the heads up! - Oct 27 2009