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Zaq Nosf3ratu

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Aug 22 2005
Please make a 1600x1200 version (assuming you have an original that big or bigger). - Sep 21 2005
smpl (xmms)

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by roog
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Mar 12 2004
roog, perhaps this may help you:

It's the mp3-id3lib module from cpan. - Mar 19 2004
cynapses karamba

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Feb 08 2005
This is a very good theme. It has a clean interface without being too plain. Good work, all in all. One thing I would recommend, though, is notifying users that they must change values in the .theme in order for the and scripts to work for them. It's pretty obvious, but a notification wouldn't hurt. - Mar 18 2004
KDE Orange Peel Wallpaper

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Feb 26 2004
I'm not a fan of orange, but this is gorgeous. Could you please tell me how exactly you made the rows on the left hand side? Is this all Gimp-work? - Feb 06 2004
xmms lyrics

Karamba & Superkaramba 3 comments

by DrEs
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Sep 01 2003
That's impossible. Sure, it's a fine idea, but it will never, I repeat, never see the light of day. Know why? Because the karamba theme would have to have some source to draw the lyrics from. mp3's don't contain the lyrics by default (in fact, that's wholly impossible). The only way to implement this system is to have a relational database which relates a BIGTEXT field to an mp3 in your local filesystem, and then use PHP to grab the text (lyrics) out of the BIGTEXT field. However, someone would have to import/type all the lyrics into this database. And, well, there's no way in hell that will ever happen. How many songs are there in the world? Billions? Trillions? All throughout history! C'mon, be realistic. Not to mention that, of course, the lyrics would have to somehow sync up with the song as it played through. Again, this is impossible, unless someone also codes in some type of other relationship in the database that shows what line of lyrics to print at one time in the song. I guess it's not wholly impossible . . . maybe you'll see it happen a few thousand years down the road. - Jan 26 2004
KDE 4 Kids

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Apr 06 2004
Simply incredible.
Congratulations on the new daughter. :) - Dec 24 2003
first gimp'd WP

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Dec 23 2003
I don't want to be unecessarily mean, but first works of art with the gimp should not be posted. I think could use a rating system, or team of volunteers to reject sub-par work. It makes finding the good stuff all the more difficult. - Dec 23 2003
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba 1797 comments

by Matti
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Jun 01 2008 is down, or has been changed to another server. The script must be updated...I've tried to fix it myself, but I'm missing something and I don't have the time to do it now...guess we'll just wait on the author. - Oct 15 2003
Thanks Matt! - Sep 17 2003
Me three. I got it after I compiled and booted into Linux-2.6test5 (which obviously makes no sense, and is not the case).

The Karamba/Python dump is:

--begin paste--
Fatal Error; Cannot connect to site or load old data
Call to widgetUpdated failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 1023, in initWidget
File "", line 781, in getWeather
NameError: global name 'weather' is not defined
--end paste--

I checked the config, and the url it is trying to load, when I load it from Konqi/Moz is loading perfectly fine for me. Just not in Karamba. :( - Sep 16 2003
DSLreport news feed

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Oct 11 2003
You'd see in the [super]karamba readme that "ImportModule" errors do not necessarily mean that anything is wrong, just that there are no Python modules needed for the given theme. Come to think of it, it says that whenever you get the ImportModule Error when running [super]karamba from the cli. - Sep 29 2003