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Norbert Andres

Card by norbert 7 comments

Ups, sorry, didn't know uic was incompatible. This is fixed, too. Thanks a lot for this hint. - Jan 25 2004

Card by norbert 7 comments

Okay, this is fixed. I did this originally to keep the filesize low.
Thanks for the hint. - Jan 25 2004
Amaranth Altheae

Icon Sub-Sets by Doches 35 comments

Keep on, these icons are amazing! Thanks a lot, now I know which my default icon set will be! - Jan 20 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by dave 245 comments

They look great!
A complete icon set would be great!

What about attending to the KOffice icon contest? - Mar 10 2003
Linux Users for Peace

Wallpaper Other by th.cherouny 5 comments

Okay, may everybody think about this war what he wants to think (or what other people want him to think :-( )
The wallpaper looks great. - Feb 11 2003
KSplashManager (was Splashman)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by bretzeltux 82 comments

KDevelop has templates for writing KControl modules. Take a look into it. I think they have also a small howto. - Aug 12 2002
Rich Colour/Just Blue Too

Ice-WM Themes by Matti 4 comments

Hey, good work, I really like the rich color one! - Mar 02 2002