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Oded Arbel
From trying out koppermine, I gather that it tries to achieve the same purpose as the kipi GalleryExport plugin, except for Coppermine instead of Gallery.

Instead of putting the time and effort to develop a standalone application, why not develop a kipi export plugin instead ? It will have several advantages:
- Integrates with everything that supports kipi, especially the excellent photo management suite Digikam, which offers more features then koppermine can have.
- Less coding: no need to worry about stuff that external programs handles, such as getting at the images to be uploaded and providing meta-data (comments and such).
- Better chance to be included as part of the KDE application suite, especially if developed as part of the kipi-plugins collection in KDE's svn. - Mar 26 2006
The main problem I have with KpMg is that it is very slow - to move from stage to stage it needs to run ffmpeg on the entire file (even for autodetecting meta-data and for preview frame), and that can take 10 minutes or more on my PC. So its nice that it is a wizard type application where I don't have to know up front what I do, but compared to avidemux (for example) I can complete what I'm doing and still learn everything I need by the time KmPg completes one stage.

Also, the main reason I would want to use such a program is to do batch encoding, which KmPg does not provide - again, avidemux offers jobs management which is a bother to setup, but at least it works. - Mar 12 2006
geek by nature

KDE Plasma Screenshots by inziderx 2 comments

Can we have some more details ?
I can see XMMS and Karamba.
What Karamba themes are these ?
What do you use for the top taskbar/launcher ?
Can we download the wallpapers ? - Nov 18 2004

Wallpaper Other by euxneks 7 comments

he's wearing a scuba mask. I also don't see much resemblence to 73lab's penguins - Nov 18 2004
My First Dog

Icon Sub-Sets by xvicx 2 comments

and missing legs, but I think its a nice first step.

I'm personally not the guy to go publishing something before its actually done, but I can understand people who want to receieve feedback for every drawing session, so here's my feedback:
This looks promising but requires more work. - Nov 18 2004
SUSE Furnace - Distro Challenge

Wallpaper Other by oreomasta 4 comments

The fact you can't actually make the same thing in real life shouldn't stop you - if its nice looking then that should be enough.

A couple of notes though:
- While the fire image is very sharp and has good contrast, the door and the gecko are blurred and missing details. its something that you wouldn't notice at first look, but after a while (when used as a wallpaper for example), it will really start to bother the viewer.
- I would suggest no to have the gecko as a large hole in the door, but instead trace it as an outline, it might look better.
- For a good "real life" image you need to have a lot more details like you have in a real world: the pivot a bit bent, there is a scratch on the handle and so on. its those tiny details which make an image believable - Nov 18 2004
'Window URGENT' flash options

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by cratos 10 comments

(Can't remember exact KDE version), after the taskbar entry finished flashing it would stay lit (with alternate colored background used for flashing) so its easy to detect applications that have urgent flag even after they stopped flashing.

BTW- If you open a bug to submit this patch to KDE, please let us know so we can vote on it. - Nov 18 2004
kpdf icon

Various Artwork by AndrewColes 9 comments

The best icon if it had SVG sources. as such I think it should win the contest only if someone can come up with sources for it. - Sep 19 2004
Kmenu (idea)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by andrej 14 comments

I think this should be an optional mode for the kmenu. I suppose that it might be even a good idea to have that option as a default but to allow advanced users to build their own real hierarchical menu system.
Because the downsize of this idea is that you can have tons of software like you can in a hierarchival menu. once you have more then 5 categories with 10 items each, managing this kind of menu would be really dificult. - Sep 19 2004

System Software by neundorf 17 comments

I'm really interested to know what font you use for the window titles in your screenshot - Aug 06 2004
Secure Password Generator

Security by jweinraub 10 comments

I think an important feature would be to generate pronouncable passwords, like the wallet application for Palm that I use (keyring - GPLed, check

While I most often roll my own passwords (easy with a built-in cranium RNG ;-), a pronouncable secure password generator is handy to have around - Jul 19 2004

Utilities by oisch 139 comments

Same problem here - Mandrake 10.0 official.

On other computers I have upgraded packages with QT3.3, but this is my customer presentable laptop and I wont to keep it as stable as possible - and for Mandrake that means QT 3.2

It would be great to have Kompose available with that setup - Jul 19 2004

Tactics & Strategy by petegoodliffe 6 comments

to a game I really like (on my PalmPilot) called Vexed ( any relation ? - Mar 14 2004
Advanced Permissions - konqueror

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by markuzzo 29 comments

I think this idea should be incorporated into KDE, as fast as possible, preferably before 3.3.

I would like to help with this if I can - I know C++, but have never hacked seriously on KDE before (a couple of patches here and there). - Mar 14 2004
Kopete -> Konsole style

Kopete Styles by synthetik 8 comments

how well does it support BiDi languages ? because the Kopete XChat style is terrible in BiDi mode - Feb 29 2004
Slicker Pre-Alpha

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by cmf 14 comments

I think that currently, the X-embeding card is the most useful one (and impresive) - Aug 04 2003
SlickBar for SuperKaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba by optikSmoke 282 comments

you need PyKDE installed for these panels to work. I'm getting the same thing, and I'm currently trying to install PyKDE (w/o much success I might add) - Jun 24 2003