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Hope, Love, Linux.

Wallpaper Other by xzakox 4 comments

No seriously, wow.

This is great.

Thanks. - Jan 22 2006
GNOME flowers

Nature by nicolasrougier 1 comment

Real nice work with the flowers. Great wallpaper! ;^) - Jan 22 2006
debian graffiti

Wallpapers Debian by c0al67 3 comments

I like the wallpaper enough, but the icons are fantastic. :-o Please please /please/ tell me where you got the /bin/bash term icon. I'm sure I could find it on my own, but.. *shrug*

Nice work, and w00t Debian. - Jan 22 2006

Metacity Themes by huwshimi 2 comments

I like it, but the green colour is kind of.. odd. Were it black or dark gray, I'd probably use it. Nice job. ^^ - Jan 22 2006