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Nathan Krause
Debian Paninaro

Wallpapers Debian by debianick 1 comment

Thanks for another cool Debian one. - Apr 27 2004
Debian Colors

Wallpapers Debian by debianick 1 comment

...and colorful!

I like it.

Thanks! - Apr 27 2004
Seagulls on the Pacific Coast

Wallpaper Other by genedoc03 2 comments

I like the pic--reminds me of home. I moved to MD a year and a half ago.

But few people will want to use it because the url to your site is so blatant! If you must put it on there, couldn't you make it smaller and use a less contrasting color?

Thanks for considering this. - Apr 27 2004
Linux & Jesus

Wallpaper Other by gregorskrt 11 comments

Thanks for contributing this to the community.

As for the comment about mixing computers and religion... Isn't it interesting how others can mix anything they want (often smut) with their themes, but when a Christian creates a theme or background that somehow alludes to his faith, somebody's bound to complain?

Don't be discouraged. Linux is all about choice. Thanks for giving us another one for the desktop. - Apr 27 2004