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mick lforge
Seeside Ören

Wallpaper Other by OzzonX 3 comments

a bit too dark. try optimizing, for example "auto-levels" in photoshop or something similar. jpeg-compression is too high also (grainy). - Oct 31 2006
Autumn road

Wallpaper Other by auxaux 2 comments

too much distortion on the sides of this pic. cheap lens? get a better cam. - Oct 17 2006
Nice look at Bratislava (Slovakia)

Wallpaper Other by Koapa 1 comment

just zoom into this, never seen anything like it... :-( - Oct 09 2006
Spišský hrad (Slovakia)

Wallpaper Other by Koapa 2 comments

did you set your cam to vbq (very bad quality) ??? - Oct 09 2006

Wallpaper Other by aztlan 2 comments

pic is grainy, colors are false.
ccd-sensor and/or optics of your cam seem to be cheap.
rated: bad - Oct 09 2006
Castel in Bedzin (Poland)

Wallpaper Other by greg717 1 comment

clean your lens or something... - Jul 23 2006
Umbria (Italia)

Wallpaper Other by greg717 1 comment

look at the leaves in the foreground... - Jul 23 2006
Kde Summer

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by drpc 3 comments

new to graphics? stop that text thing - Jul 23 2006
The way of the Celts

Wallpaper Other by joeprusa 2 comments

this supposed to be daylight?
consider buying a new camera. - Jul 12 2006
Linux almost to tripy

Wallpaper Other by slacker9078 2 comments

n/t - Jul 12 2006
S. Salvatore Castle

Wallpaper Other by luissteam 2 comments

got that in high-res? - Jul 12 2006

Wallpaper Other by makkintosh 1 comment

blurred, ugly cigarettes on ground, ugly text-in-picture, ugly dog - Jul 12 2006
Durlo Sky Green II

Wallpaper Other by biagio 2 comments

there's something wrong with white-balance/contrast.
bad ccd-sensor. get a new cam... :) - Jul 12 2006
The nature

Wallpaper Other by mishatka 1 comment

too much jpeg-compression destroyed this picture.
rated BAD! - Jul 12 2006
The nature

Wallpaper Other by mishatka 1 comment

too much jpeg-compression.
really not nice to look at.
rated bad! - Jul 12 2006
Mountain View

Mountains by jjessup 3 comments

some higher resolution would be nice.
1280x1024 appreciated. - Jul 12 2006

Wallpaper Other by soa2ii 4 comments

what's that pattern you can see when looking at the sky?
is this a scan? - Jul 12 2006
Sunset in Hungary 3

Wallpaper Other by kriskelvin01 1 comment

you can see window-reflection and head of photographer. - Jul 12 2006
bubbly for wide screen 1280x768

Wallpaper Other by cpufx 5 comments

can be found here:
the membership is really worth the money, very good widescreen and multi-monitor wallpapers too. too bad it's not free :-( - Jul 07 2006
Linux - Catch the Wave! 01

Wallpaper Other by protekhawaii 3 comments

get a better cam - Jul 06 2006

Nature by mngrif 3 comments

scaling is not an option for the perfectionist.
but this pic is bad anyway... - Jul 01 2006
The Bridge (Bratislava)

Bridges by digimurder 1 comment

...about photography!
bad quality - Jun 20 2006
KDE wit XGL + compiz (update: windecos)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Kellerkind 6 comments

what kinda system are u using?

btw... Xgl LiveCD here: - Jun 17 2006
Ricinus Plant

Wallpaper Other by nisu 5 comments

no, it's rather unlikely to poison yourself with this plant by accident. but it's seeds are poisonous, that's true. look it up @ wikipedia or something... good details here: (german) - Jun 14 2006
Ricinus Plant

Wallpaper Other by nisu 5 comments

name changed. thx - Jun 14 2006
Feisty Beryl

KDE Plasma Screenshots by seanbarman 25 comments

i've seen an XGL demo video, it's impressive.
you can also get a XGL Demo LiveCD at - Jun 14 2006

Wallpaper Other by dooyou 1 comment

but jpeg-compression is too high (artefacts) - Jun 14 2006

Wallpaper Other by kingdomhearts24 3 comments

resolution could've been higher - Jun 14 2006
typical problems of cheap ccd-sensons, over-contrasted in the upper part, bad resolution, missing sharpness - Jun 14 2006

Wallpaper Other by dooyou 2 comments

...jpeg-compression too high - Jun 14 2006
After Battle 2

Wallpaper Other by AZATHOR 1 comment

blurry - Jun 14 2006