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Simply Circles Icons

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Apr 16 2020
My fault, i always watch those icons on action folder as spacefm uses them in statusbar or menubar. But seems the issue lies on my spacefm settings.

I'm going to check fix my spacefm settings now.
Sorry for the wrong-report. And thanks for confirming. - Sep 11 2019
Instant favorite, Just removed my other icons packs because this one looks fantastic on bckg/base color #2f343f.

I just found two missing icons (on actions folder) from my spacefm.

gtk-info - Sep 08 2019
Indeed Fixed! They look so great. Clean, Simple & Minimal. Many thanks for fixing, - Sep 08 2019
Hi ju1464 ! Thank you very much for checking on Devuan. I'm glad that somehow it is localized. Just take all the time needed. I'll check it once you made a new update. I'll confirm again. Best Regards! - Sep 02 2019
9 excellent - Sep 01 2019
I remember to use this icon packages on early releases months ago, but one day after 2nd releases on my file manager icons appears like this

OS: Devuan 1 (Jessie)
FM: SpaceFM 1.0.6
GTK2: gtk2-engines 1:2.20.2-3 | gtk2-engines-murrine | gtk2-engines-pixbuf 2.24.25-3+deb8u2

I didn't know what changed after first/second releases about eight month ago, but on first version i was alright then every version later appears like the above image.

I gave up and used other icons, but always turned here just to check it. I don't know where it lies this issue on my system or what i'm missing?
Any help to check please?

Thank you!

P.S. I don't have seen similar issue with other icon packages. I have tried a few , but only on this packages are such on me. I really like to use this package. - Sep 01 2019
BMZ cursor

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Oct 18 2019
Appreciated your efforts and the elegance of these cute cursors :P

Nili - Dec 07 2016
Np, It worked for me on vanilla debian. I'm glad i found your cursor, i was using another one for long time, a refresh it should for me.


Nili - Dec 07 2016
Hi, thank you for this awesome cursor. It look very nice on my setup. Thanks :)

@herrbatka you can change "[Cursor Theme]" @ index.theme to "[Icon Theme]" i had issue aswell as you describet but renaming Cursor to Icon fixed on my setup.

Nili - Dec 07 2016

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by ZMA
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Jul 12 2019
Thank you very much ZMA, I'll use on arc-themes back.
Many thanks mate! - Aug 04 2016
I used to download and [url=]use[/url] the snowy icons package. It was simply great completed icons pack. I haven't keept very long in use. Now i regret that i haven't saved it. Please if someone can send me a copy, or if author is reading here. Please send me a copy or upload to another host. A few my friends are looking aswell to check it.
It is regrettable that gnome-look removed that fantastic icon package.

Nili - Aug 04 2016
Simply Circles Icons

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by ju1464

Score 86.3%
9   Sep 01 2019
9 excellent