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Nikolai Rachmaninoff Milano, Italy
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Envied Multimedia GUI Installer

Various Gnome Stuff 21 comments

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Oct 19 2011
Thank you for the suggestions.

Now I'm working on the 3.0 version, which will not have these bugs and will let you choose what to install.

Regards, - Jun 29 2011
The reason is quite simple:
1)This way I can keep accurate download records(to know if a project should be maintained or not)
2)When you reach the determined amount of points, that you got some cash.This cash will be sent to the Ubuntu staff as a donation. - Feb 27 2011
the code is up to date, dont' worry.I just forgot to rename the scripts:) - Dec 29 2010
Well, this won't be a bad idea.
There is just a problem:I must first understand how zenity works, especially how to write the executive code.I've tried to do it, but with really bad results. - Dec 17 2010
I saw I wrote ''devices'' but i meant ''formats''(About soundconverter). - Dec 15 2010
Thank you.
I'll tell you:I and some friend of mine are taking in consideration the possiblity to add some applications:Avidemux(Video converter), Soundconverter(Utility which allows you to convert audio files into multiple devices(Very useful when extracting file from a cd and converting them to mp3(to store them on disk) and clipgrab which allows you to download and convert video from sites(Pytube's antagonist).

The problem is the following:Not everyone needs/knows how to use these kind of application, so I am not sure if is a good idea to add them.
Another problem is that people doesn't report a bug(if present) so I am not able to fix it quickly)
What do you think about it?
I'm not sure that I understood where to take a look.

- Dec 15 2010
I'm glad to hear that.
If you have any suggestion, just write it down.
At the moment I'm taking in consideration to add some extra repos and applications, which are considered part of the multimedia category.

I was thinking to add:
-Avidemux(Many user don't like Pitivi as their video editor)
-Clipgrad(Video downloader and converter)
- Oct 03 2010
I want to apologize with everyone.I saw right now that the download link was bad - Sep 30 2010
I'm happy to hear that.
The only thing I'm really not proud of is the fact, that I had to update the cose so many times.

But I don't care, couse now it works in a great way.Just hope other users will post or send messages, so I'll be able to develop the code to offer a better quality. - Sep 09 2010
Nothing.I just hate to waste my time and nervs by configuring/installing this kind of stuff after a fresh install of Ubuntu.So after so many installations, I decided to write this script and to post it(To let other users avoid this kind of situation and to make the configuration of Ubuntu easier to newbies ).
- Aug 19 2010
Flash Plugin Patcher

Various Gnome Stuff 9 comments

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Jun 28 2011
E perdona gli errori nel commento precedente...ho la ''brutta'' abitudine di fare diverse cose contemporaneamente e finisco con il non sapere nememno come mi chiamo:P - Jun 28 2011
Mi fa piacere sentirlo...Lo prendo come un complimento complimento.

Se hai bisogno di qualche dritta o consiglio, non esitare e chiedi, saro lieto di poterti aiutare.

Saluti - Jun 28 2011
Thank you for the comment,

By placing my files on megaupload, i gain some points, point which will be redeemed to get some cash for donation to ubuntu staff.

But I tested the link and it's strange.I have enabled the directlink-download option, which should let you avoid the 50sec-queue.It doesn't work. - Jun 28 2011
Thank very much.
I have updated the code of the script. - Jun 28 2011
Well, since it is Linux, there are many different ways to solve a particular problem.

my script is the result of some test of mine.

Thank you anyway for your comment.
- Jun 28 2011
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes 1742 comments

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Aug 23 2017
Previous versions changed gdm theme too.I've tried to install, uninstal, upgrade different times:
The gdm theme is still the same(the default one(Ubuntu's).Is that normal?
- Dec 23 2010

DockbarX Themes
by M7S

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3   Dec 21 2010