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Dec 25 2008
Thanks, can't wait to see. - Dec 16 2008
gPodder in sys tray or notification area still uses the default icon vs yours. Probably a gpodder bug so I'll send a bug report to them but if not this here's to let you know.

Also a further request. Is it possible to make the Navi-blue icons the same rich blue colour as the Folders-blue and Logout-blue Icons? Or maybe call it Navi-royalblue?

Again fantastic icon theme, It's now the default for all my various desktop themes. I don't use anything else. - Dec 12 2008
Thanks very much. I use Gpodder all the time, and it always glares at me.:) - Nov 12 2008
Since it's an RSS feeder/podcast video downloader maybe something along the lines of your gwget or gnomad2 icons would be appropriate. - Nov 10 2008
Could you please make and icon for gpodder? The default doesn't really go with your great theme. Much obliged. - Nov 09 2008
Amazing! This icons set is definitely the most rich, complete, elegant set on My new number 1. Keep up the good work. - Oct 18 2008
Ubuntu/Win/OSX Dragon wallpapers

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by P4man
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Oct 24 2009
Thanks this ubuntu dragon has to be my favorite background.

Just one request is it posible to alter the color slightly to match the slickness golden theme? - May 10 2008