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Nicolas Frafra
Ebethron Faenza Dropbox icons

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Oct 30 2010
This is really nice! - Oct 27 2010
Language Flags for Faenza Dark Panel

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Oct 25 2010
Thanks for this! :D ... But im solved too much easy to change the keyboard layout to Spain, so is the same distribution... Anyway when im back to my home i try to make something.

P.S.: I think that you need to talk with the Faenza creator because i think that this icons really need to be in the official package - Oct 22 2010
This is really cool, now my panel looks really nice... I use an english keyboard but also use Latinamerican distribution... But there is no icon there... And also i don't know the name of the file to apply latin american keyboard to make something with myself... You can help me and tell me the name of the icon that i need.

This is awesome :D - Oct 21 2010
Emesene Faenza Dark

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Aug 22 2010
This is really nice! Now all my tray looks like faenza :D ... Really nice work, just one suggest... I think that the away icon are "empty" and don't look like the faenza icon theme... I think that the best way to solve this is making and icon (like the busy icon) that has an arrow on it and no the current empty filling... Is just a suggestion, thanks again.

Cheers! - Oct 05 2010
Emesene Monochrome Icon Theme

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by 6Sero
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Jun 14 2010
This is awesome... If you can do it the same but for faenza icon set you can be me week hero :D ... The actual emesene for faenza are coloured and i like the monochrome icons, and i love the "gloosy style" of the tray icons of Faenza - Sep 09 2010

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Sep 05 2017
There is an icon created by another user to this theme... You can download from here: - Aug 31 2010
In the gnome menu i have the icon of your icon set... Now i report the bug in launchpad ;) ... Thanks for the interest - Aug 31 2010
Is called gwibber.svg and is placed in /usr/share/gwibber/ui in my instalation ... If i modify the icon there, then the icon on the tray is modified... Maybe we can report as a bug to use the icon of the actual icon theme right? - Aug 31 2010
Hi! The next release of Gwibber comes with a tray icon, so if in the future you can make an icon for the tray of gwibber this will be great... Cheers - Aug 30 2010
About the emesene theme... Is really cool, but what about a version that fits with the rest of the monochrome panel, because is the only icon in color in my panel. Good work BTW =) - Aug 26 2010
This is the best theme that im ever seen... The only problem in my panel is the dropbox icon... Could be great if if have a cool dropbox icon for this theme... Cheers - Aug 03 2010
Docky Categories

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Aug 22 2010
Just drag and drop the downloaded files to your docky - Aug 20 2010
This is a really cool idea... In the next release you can put some other categories like SYSTEM, or PLACES ... And a white version too... Anyway the idea is awesome - Aug 20 2010
Glassified theme for DockbarX

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Mar 27 2010
This is really cool... But to fit nicer with my panel i need the background of the gnome-panel... Where i can find it? Cheers
1 - May 26 2010
FeelinGrey, icons for docks

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Jun 10 2010
This is really nice, please keep working on this :D - May 05 2010
Conky Ubuntu Lucid Theme

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May 03 2010
This is really nice, i never use conky so i install that and works really nice... Maybe you can put a "guide" to show the steps to install conky and use the theme... Here is what i do to make work conky+thisTheme:

1. sudo apt-get install conky
2. extract the .conkytheme folder in my home folder
3. run conky -c /home/myuser/.conkytheme/conkyrc

Cheers! - May 03 2010
Gnome theme for burg

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Apr 07 2010
This is a really nice work, and i agree with the last comment to add text to the buttons.
Now a quesstion, anybody knows how change the name of the entry in BURG? Because i cant change that... Thanks - Apr 07 2010
best wallpapers of nature

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Mar 02 2010
You can download pressing the FREE button on the top of the screen... - Mar 02 2010

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Dec 04 2009
Ouch! Now it works... I don't know why :S ... Thanks! - Dec 03 2009
Nice... But i have a problem... I use the humanity icons downloaded from here... And some icons have a bad and ugly background... Wht is different the menu background for the panel? Really strange - Dec 02 2009
Dude... This is really great... But i have two sugestions...
First.. I don't like too much the green colors in the checkboxes... Second.. Lokk the screenshot...

The color of the panel need to be the same as the font of the menu - Dec 02 2009
plus humanity efforts

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Nov 22 2009
I looking for the gnome-panel-force-quit icon and this is what i looking for... But i cant install that... Where i need to replace the icon...

And talk with the other "humanity dude" to merge all the icons in one :D - Nov 22 2009
dark-swarm (XSplash)

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Nov 06 2009
Dude! This is really nice! I think i love you! jajaja... - Nov 04 2009
koala fun circles

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Nov 02 2009
This is really nice work... But you can make me really happy if you can do it a version without the Ubuntu 9.10 inscription :D - Nov 02 2009
dropbox icon collection for humanity

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Oct 31 2009
Dude! This is an awesome pack of icons... But i have a problem... I made the steps to install and nothing happens... I don't know why :( - Oct 31 2009
Ubuntu One applet icons - Humanity

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Oct 10 2009
I look some things before i post the comment and i can't find how to do it... Dropbox manage in some strange way the icons. But if you have some time you can provide icons for this theme for all the common applications, like banshee,liferea,etc... Because this work is really awesome!. - Oct 11 2009
Nice work dude... I use dropbox, but this is just want the ubuntu one users need i think... If you can do some dropbox icons you are my idol! :D - Oct 11 2009
grey notification area theme for emesene

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Oct 07 2009
Nice theme dude... I use it rigth now... But i have a question... Where you find that liferea icons?

Cheers - Oct 08 2009
Pidgin SVN + Plus!

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Jun 05 2010
Yes... Just copy the commands and enjoy! :D - Sep 09 2009
People... Use it! I use this for a days and works really nice! :D Has fully support for the webcam too - Sep 09 2009
amsn pack

aMSN 18 comments

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Jan 14 2010
Pidgin with plus?! Where i can find it!? :D - Sep 06 2009
Tango Gettext File Icons

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May 17 2009
Maybe you can talk with the gnome-Colors developers to include the icons in their package... This set of icons are really great

Good job! :) - May 17 2009

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May 08 2009
Yeah! This theme rocks! Please dont stop with the development, is really nice and just like Vortex0965 says this is greater than shiki-colors... Great work! :D - May 05 2009
[Cairo-Dock] Elementary

Cairo-Dock Themes 3 comments

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Apr 05 2009
Dude... The plugin rocks! Thanks! - Apr 11 2009
Dude... This theme rocks! But i need to know what i need to show the cover of "what i listening" like that in the desktop

Cheers - Apr 05 2009

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

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May 23 2009
Dude... This is awesome... But i find a little bug... Look the applet in the panel in this screenshot...

Chhers :D - Apr 01 2009

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Mar 03 2009
Nice!!! Anhother question... How i can try this? Installing the last Jaunty? o i can try with intrepid?

Thanks! :D - Feb 21 2009
Dude... Nice work... I rate good your theme, but just a question.
Why you can use the notifications for the new version of ubuntu, there are ready in the alpha? Or is just a mockup

Cheers - Feb 21 2009
elementary Emerald

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Mar 15 2010
Nice! Thanks dude! - Feb 13 2009
Dude... Nice theme... But... What is the name of that music player?

Cheers - Feb 12 2009
Intrepid Ibex GDM

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Aug 08 2008
Nice! I hope this theme will be used as default in the next ubuntu version - Aug 08 2008
Hemoglobinus 1.3

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Sep 15 2008
Nice theme and nice music! Jaime Sin Tierra!!! - Jun 23 2008
Discovery Icon Theme

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Feb 15 2008
Really nice... Continue with the development, this is really beautifully! - Feb 14 2008
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Aug 20 2010

System Software
by ingalex

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Jul 14 2010
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Jun 16 2010

DockbarX Themes
by M7S

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May 26 2010
dark-swarm (XSplash)

XSplash Themes
by mjamesrd

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Nov 04 2009
Score 50.0%
Oct 11 2009
Pidgin SVN + Plus!

Various Gnome Stuff
by MastroPino

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Sep 09 2009
Score 62.5%
Jun 15 2009

GTK2 Themes
by dashua

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May 05 2009

GTK2 Themes
by darkwater

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Apr 05 2009

Full Icon Themes
by perfectska04

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Mar 19 2009

Icon Sub-Sets
by elav

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9   Jan 13 2011
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9   Oct 21 2010
Emesene Faenza Dark

Full Icon Themes
by bitzer

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9   Oct 05 2010