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Nick Gaens , Belgium

Qt Components by kuzulis 143 comments

I've tested this library on XP SP3 (32bit) and I can confirm that it actually works great :-).

There are a few major 'bad' things about this project though for which I would like to address the author:

1) CLEAN UP YOUR MESSY CODE! Especially in the examples section.
2) PROVIDE SOME REAL DOCUMENTATION INSTEAD OF LETTING US BUILD A DOXYGEN BASED HELP FILE! I recommend you to take a look at where you can add a small wiki to the project page where you can explain how to install this piece of software, how to use it, how to include it in other projects etc...

I love this library so far, given the fact that it works where QextSerialPort failed to do so on my machine for unknown reasons.


BTW, please take note of what I've typed above and try to exclude all the Russian jibberish out of the project. Bilingual comments are ugly to read and look at AND 99% of this lib's users will understand English rather than Russian ;-). - Apr 28 2010

Qt Components
by kuzulis

Apr 28 2010