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Oct 25 2011
In ~/.kde/share/apps/superkaramba/themes/wifina there is a file called wifina.skz - this is a renamed zip file. If you unzip it there is a file in there called which is the python source

I suspect it didn't work for you because the interface name is hardcoded. The author has it set to "wlan0" but on my machine the card is "eth1". Its right at the top of the source code so should be easy to adjust

When you've finished, remember to re-zip it all up again and rename the zipfile to wifina.skz

You'll need to restart SuperKaramba for it to pick up the new version.

Hope that helps you!

PS. I also translated the text to English by editing it in the source code. I don't speak the original language, but it wa seasy to guess what the text was supposed to say at that part of the code! - Apr 05 2007