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Scott Fulford Trenton, Canada
Dark OpenOffice Splash

OpenOffice Splash Screens by duckgoesoink 5 comments

Just to let everyone know where Mandriva stores these files:

Mandriva Free 2010.2 32bit / Mandriva One 2010.2

Mandriva Free 2010.2 64bit

Same file names. I was not able to get my progress bar to display on this, but I don't really care, this splash screen is only up for 2.5 seconds before OO loads. Hope this helps all Mandriva GNOME users!

Great Splash! Looks great! - Jan 16 2011
Mandriva sticker

Cliparts by mihast 2 comments

Printed this off on sticker paper, and applied to my laptop... Looks great! - Jan 02 2010
Network applet icons

Icon Sub-Sets by mike82 8 comments

This iconset is for an applet (networkmanager) This is available in Mandriva medias. Simply install networkmanager-applet package, and then copy this archive as root to:


this will replace the current ones that is set by default of networkmanager.

I've also copied these files to my current icon folder of my theme (GNOME) and placed them inside the :


I restarted many times and my networkmanager still refused to change.. UNTIL..... I increased the size of my panel bar to 30+ pixels.. then the image for my wifi finally switched!! :)

Looks great with Mandriva2010.0 Very nice work! - Jan 02 2010