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Andreas Berger Vienna, Austria
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QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

QtCurve 2890 comments

Score 82.9%
Jan 16 2013
hi, first: your theme is awesome,

i have a question though: i am using the qtcurve gtk engine (from the debian repos) in gnome, and i would like to change the gray background color. i assume it is possible because it worked for gtk applications in kde, where the color from the kde style was applied to the gtk theme somehow. i tried to edit the gtkrc file, but this doesn't work for all widgets (menubars for example). how do i do this? - Aug 16 2010
Score 67.0%
Apr 07 2010
only one thing i noticed: like in most gtk themes, the spacing of entries and buttons in your theme is more generous than in kde. maybe you can decrease x-and-ythickness of those widgets, unless it's already at the limit. anyway, thank you for this theme! - May 22 2010
Intuition (white)

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Oct 13 2008

when i made this theme, ubuntu shipped with the ubuntulooks engine by default, but they abandoned it some time ago. but i guess if you still want to use this theme, you could try installing the ubuntulooks engine from here: - Feb 15 2010
can you give me the name of the application or a screenshot? i know that nautilus modal dialogs behave strange (icon disappears after hovering the closebutton). anyway, there will be further change to the modal dialog window in the next update, fixing at least the weird nautilus thing. - Oct 06 2008
i tried to reproduce what you described, but after logging out and back in again everything is still the way it is supposed to be.
there are two things i thought of you could try:

1) open the gtkrc file, scroll to the bottom and delete the panel segment (which works for gnome-panel, but, i thought, does not interfere with xfce panel).

2) try the human theme or another one that uses the ubuntulooks engine, and see if the bug is engine-related. - Sep 28 2008
it worked. only there remains a strange bug in dialog windows in nautilus: the icon disappears after hovering the closebutton, although it should not be there in the first place now that i made it so. this is beyond my theme, because in other applications it is as supposed to be. - Sep 14 2008
xfwm4 is done! it was my first one. funny how these window decorators are different to theme, at first glance i had no idea where to start, there are 120 pixmaps in an xfwm4 theme. however it is identical with the metacity theme, apart from the additional buttons you can have in xfce. hope you like it. - Sep 14 2008
if you have compiz enabled you can activate that plugin that makes the whole inactive window darker. that is the best concept in my mind. i don't know the name of the plugin because my interface is german, but if you open compizconfig-settings-manager it is in the accessibility section.
i am not using compiz at the time, and although i am not missing any distinction between active and inactive window, i understand your concern. i once considered leaving away the metacity buttons of the inactive window completely, but that would be too radical. i don't really have a good idea here. you're right, making the text lighter doesn't look good, and transparency breaks the gradient.

about the buttons: the outline of the active button is determined by the gtk:bg of the normal button, and i already made that a little lighter than bg of the panel, for the reason you said.
only the wallpaper varies, and i tested it mostly with a wallpaper of #808080 (being kind of the average wallpaper) for the transparent panel. it's not perfect but the outline didn't look too heavy to me. i don't want to use another engine, clearlooks and murrine being the options here. clearlooks active buttons don't look inward and murrine i just can't stand.

thank you for the comment, though i haven't really given you a solution now :-( - Sep 14 2008
both is possible but not a better option to me: if no icon at all, there is some kind of inconsistency, because in the window list there is also the icon, if left, it is floating alone too.

however i will see if there is another possibility to exploit: in metacity you can set different styles for different window types (such as toolwindow, dialog, etc). i can't promise but i'll try it out. - Sep 10 2008
as to the highlight color: there seems to be no solution for using your own gtk color scheme in xfce, i only found this unanswered post:
you could still edit the gtkrc file itself, the gtk color scheme is in the first line: selected_bg_color:#CCC189

as to the xfwm4 theme: ~1 week :-)

i have been using xfce for a while myself, sometimes its hard because everything is explained and fixed for gnome. - Sep 09 2008
you were right about the metacity buttons: done :-) - Sep 08 2008
please describe what you mean by awkward and what you mean by "invisible panel"
the start-here.png goes to, for example if you use Tango icons: /usr/share/icons/Tango/scalable/places/
to change the panel background just right click on the panel to access the panel properties and set one of the image files in the panel folder als background.
hope that explains. - Aug 10 2008
hm. i am wondering why the rating is sinking at an alarming rate since the 1.4 update :-( talk to me! - Aug 09 2008
this theme fully supports custom colors, so:
go to appearance settings and change tooltip background and foreground colors to something like black on yellow instead of white on black.
unfortunately the notification uses tooltip colors from the theme without being prepared to anything else but yellow, nothing i can do about that, still i will keep white on black default, for it looks way better in normal tooltips.
hope i could help - Jul 27 2008
done :-) - Jul 12 2008
font is default "sans", size=9 subpixel antialising hinting=none - Jul 02 2008
i use emerald instead of metacity. it's the intuition.emerald file in the package. but i might write it in metacity as well some time soon... - Jul 02 2008

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Score 78.4%
Nov 13 2011
my modification of nimbus is a bit more compact: - Feb 07 2010
your third screenshot with the dark theme looks alright. is that on solaris? - Apr 15 2009
i am getting white lines at the bottom of toolbars and menubars. screenshot:
it is the same in ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04. anyone else? - Apr 14 2009
I made a modification of the Metacity theme with thinner window borders, thought i'd post it here: - Feb 19 2009
are there different versions of this theme out there? in some of the other nimbus themes the gtk bg color is darker. (i don't mean the dark blue one) - Feb 05 2009

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Jun 29 2009
what is that font in the screenshots? - Mar 21 2009
Aurora Gtk Engine

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Score 74.0%
Jan 03 2009
wow, i just realized you changed it. cool! - Feb 04 2009

just like in the list view would be best, without border.
otherwise very consistent and beautiful, and definitely the most modern engine out here. - Sep 14 2008

Full Icon Themes 176 comments

by sora
Score 76.5%
Oct 25 2009
i think they look good, but something simple and common as a folder would look better if it only had one color. so, like these new ones, but with a blue backside maybe. that's my opinion.
great icon theme btw, i have been using it for quite a while now. - Jan 14 2009
Ubuntu Dust

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Score 70.0%
Sep 08 2008
can you please update the first screenshot? the toolbar looks different by now i think. - Oct 26 2008
i like the round metacity buttons from the mockup more.

the brown does not look bad in this one, but a color-neutral version would be even better. no color, no danger of interfering with something else on your screen.

anyway, i like dust, it has a future! - Sep 11 2008
Wide weather

Conky 8 comments

by Whise
Score 58.0%
May 06 2008
ah thanks!

there should be some help link in the screenlet config, i am not the first one who was wondering - Oct 19 2008
do all of the weather screenlets only work with u.s. zip codes? - Oct 11 2008
Gnome desktop and gdesklets

Gnome Screenshots 2 comments

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Aug 22 2005
where did you get that weather forecast? - Oct 17 2008
Screenlets 0.1.2

Conky 18 comments

by Whise
Score 50.0%
Sep 03 2008
I really like screenlets, but i am still using metacity without composite.

so as for now i am stuck with either gdesklets, which are not as good as screenlets but have pseudo transparency, or screenlets with really ugly borders.

will there ever be better support for non-composite environments? - Oct 17 2008

Wallpaper Other 9 comments

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Oct 10 2008
my desktop looks almost like yours now. only i put the clock onto the sun. and what does that jar do, i suppose it is a screenlet? - Oct 14 2008
New Wave

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Score 72.2%
Dec 14 2009
i for myself haven't tried it, but look at this:
it seems that you can use the mist engine for the menu items and it does not draw shades. - Oct 10 2008

GTK2 Themes 20 comments

Score 46.0%
Oct 07 2008
please give us fullsize screenshots! - Oct 08 2008

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Sep 28 2008
i used to skate the 10km lane on that sea. pleasant memories. - Sep 30 2008

GTK2 Themes 1 comment

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Sep 12 2008
please give us a 1:1 screenshot! - Sep 14 2008
QTStep Classic

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9   Mar 13 2017

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9   Apr 14 2016

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9   Apr 06 2012

Metacity Themes
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Icon Sub-Sets
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9   Mar 25 2011

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