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Marco Tessarotto Scorz√≠¬®, Italy
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May 22 2011
Thank you - Jun 09 2009
I'll check it, thank you very much. - Feb 23 2009
Yes you are right, but the theme will be too blue if I change those icons. Leaving instead some red, yellow, green icon gives the theme a neutral appearance. - Feb 06 2009
A new release with full support for PNG icons (for a faster rendering) will be out on Monday. - Jan 30 2009
They are the same in a lot of icon themes.
Are you talking about the red icon?
Could you suggest something different?
Anyway thank you for your comment. - Aug 15 2008
I'm a bit busy in these days, so I'm not making a lot of changes and improvements. Right now I'm working to change the license in every SVG file so it will be changed from Creative Commons to GPL (2 or 3 I don't know).
Hoping this will help those developers that need GPL license for their software.

- Jun 15 2008
I want to make a human-like version in the near future and maybe also a graphite version. - May 20 2008
Finally I choose a new icon for the file system. I have to say that I love both the old and the new one. But the new icon is more intuitive and this is really important. - May 18 2008
Thank you very much - May 16 2008
The problem with the sonar version is that the only icon you'll see for a file manager is the smallest (16*16 pixel) and I think in that size a user couldn't understand its a sonar. - May 16 2008
I've removed the link cause gnome-look consider it has a download.

So if you want to contribute and tell me which icon do you prefer you can see the screen shot here : - May 15 2008
I've added under the 0.3.7 download, a link to an image.
In the image are shown:
* The current file manager icon.
* Other five icons that could replace the current icon.

I prefer the one with the mangnifying glass and probably I'll add it to the v0.4, but I'm here to listen your opinion.
Tell me what you think :)

- May 15 2008
Thank you all guys for your support.
I thin kthat the actual file manager looks good maybe it's not a lot intuitive but I don't see any problem using it.
On the other side it seems that some of you don't like the actual filemanager. So I'll draw a new one (maybe more than one) I'll choose the best and put the other on extra icons. - May 09 2008
I've a lot of things to do now. A lot of work and some exams, and I'll update the theme a bit slowly.

I've added "new-tab" icons on 0.3.7
Firefox 3 don't show them because it's using its own icons in the current version. Hoping they'll change.

I'm going to change the file manager into a folder icon with some magnifier or something similar over it.
But I want to know your opinion. The last version has been downloaded from about 4000 users, so what do YOU think about changing the file manager into a folder-like icon?

- Apr 30 2008
This is a good idea something related with a folder... I' ll draw it Thank You Very much. - Apr 30 2008
Does your system provide an icon for that device. If you tell me the name of the icon or can post an url with the image I'll add it to the theme. - Apr 09 2008
thank you for the comment :) - Apr 04 2008
You are talking about the file manager icon. It is a group of drawers. :)
I've not found any good idea for that icon sorry. If you have some idea I will be glad to draw a better icon.

Thank you for the comment - Mar 30 2008
there will be in the future. now I'm drawing the most essential icon. I won't to cover all the gnome icons.
The applications will come later because there is no limit at the apps-icon I can draw.

Thanks for the comment. - Mar 26 2008
In the v0.3.1 there is an icon for your device, but I don't like it very much. I've spent a lot of time trying to draw an icon that fits well in the theme, but ididn't find it.
I'll try to change the icon for the next release.
I promise :) - Mar 26 2008
there will be in the next release.
thank you very much for your help and your comments.
- Mar 23 2008
I don't really understand... :)
My psd icon has no feather.
It's a simple square icon with no feather.

Anyway my email is
- Mar 22 2008
I can't test this so you have to help me if you can.

Under "scalable/devices" I've only one icon for the ram disks "gnome-dev-disc-dvdram.svg" it is a grey disk. My theme inherits from the base gnome theme so if you can't see any icon it means that also the default theme (about 1000 icons) doesn't support that device.
If you find know a theme that show an icon for your device tell me the name and I'll work to support it.

Thank for your comment. - Mar 22 2008
No it isn't from any of your uploaded theme. Sorry.
Thank you for posting a link to your work.. but.. ..are you serious??
I've spent half an hour downloading all your works (maybe you're happy fr this :D ), but I've not found any psd icon that looks like mine.

Why are you saying this?
Anyway if you can send me a link to this psd icon I'll check it.

Thanks - Mar 22 2008
Where you have voted.. There is somewhere a site where you can vote for a theme to be included in a distro? Is the site gnome-look ?
The only way to vote I've found is the quality vote on the top-right of the page..

- Mar 19 2008
The UltimateGnome in a distro.. this is my dream.. but the theme is almost unfinished and I want to complete it before.
And there is another problem the GPl license isn't much clear about artwork.. infact the theme is currently under a Creative Common.

Can you send me some link about GPl-art??
Thank you - Mar 16 2008
There isn't yet a floppy icon. But there will be in the next release.

Thank you for your comment. - Mar 14 2008
Thank you all for your comments.
I want to finish this theme before porting it into the kde dektop system.
One day in the future I'll do it. - Mar 14 2008
It is a modified version of the metacity Graphite team you can find the orginal here..
:) - Mar 08 2008
As I've written to you I'll add an alternative icon for the home folder in the next release.. I'm a bit busy now, but it will be included in the v0.2.2
Thank you all. - Mar 05 2008
It's because they're SVG.
The png images weight more, but they're simply buffered and easy displayed.
The SVG icons are "rendered" there is more CPU usage with a completely SVG theme.

I'm thinking of adding all the PNG subformats but with the all PNG subformats it becomes a bit difficult to change or modify an icon in the theme (for a common user) because you have to export all the PNG from the modified SVG file. - Mar 05 2008

Full Icon Themes 70 comments

Score 52.2%
Oct 26 2011
I'm working on a new release of my theme and I've found that if I try to reinstall the theme the manager says:

Installation for theme "UltimateGnome" failed.Can't move directory over directory.

I've tried your fixed version for gnome 2.24.1 because you always keep your work updated, but it also has the same problem.

If you hear-of or find a solution please tell me with a message. I'm not able to fix this problem.

Thank you.
- Nov 28 2008
Gartoon Redux

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Score 77.5%
Sep 29 2013
Really cool theme. I think you're the first I see who release the source and a makefile to rebuild the package. This is one of the things that make your work great.

Anyway I've sent you a message hoping you could help me on something related to GPL.

Thank you very much and good work. - May 30 2008

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Apr 19 2008
is a good thing if you add a screenshot or a preview of your work. - Apr 19 2008
Amora Icons

Icon Sub-Sets 33 comments

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Jun 24 2007
This theme don't match my favorite color (blue) but is really really awesome.
keep up the good work - Apr 15 2008

Icon Sub-Sets 10 comments

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Nov 16 2007
It looks a bit tango but it is however a very nice theme. - Apr 15 2008
Svett - in progress

Icon Sub-Sets 18 comments

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Apr 10 2008
Really beautyfull. I don't love some package color but all the icons have high quality design, and this is very important.

Some icons seem to have a different style from the whole theme.

Keep up the good work. - Apr 15 2008
Glass Icons Theme

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Score 67.1%
Jul 27 2007
Yuor work is good but I think that a more realistic glass effect is given from defined qhite shapes. You use white gradient. But the reflection on glass isn;t a gradient it is defined it has a clear border. If you look to some crystal icons you'll see it.
Keep up the good work. - Apr 15 2008

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Score 76.7%
Aug 21 2008
This theme is very beautyfull. Happy you have uploaded it. - Apr 15 2008
Dropline Neu!

Icon Sub-Sets 49 comments

by ertz
Score 58.0%
May 29 2006
I've not voted you (cause the vote is not positive :( sorry ). Your theme is great (3000 icons! wow!) but I didn't like the color scheme. I like more saturated colors.
- Apr 15 2008
Discovery Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes 22 comments

Score 58.0%
Feb 15 2008
In the icon themes list your theme doesn't have a preview. If I click on the theme I can see two images, but in the list it seems that your theme doesn't have a preview.
Fix it :) and good work - Apr 15 2008
Grey Society

GTK2 Themes 8 comments

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Apr 19 2008
Maybe I've not write it in correct english. I want to remove mac style from this theme. Progressbar are original, and now also scrollbar are original and no more mac-style. I'll change soon also combobox.
I agree with you this is my own theme not a mac-like theme.
- Apr 10 2008
Thank you veruy much.. happy you said "the progress bar" and not the "scrollbar" cause I'm going to change the scrollbar they look to mac. - Apr 09 2008
thank you very much The Rob I'll check it and change my theme very soon :) - Apr 09 2008
Thank'io very much.. but where is this patch? - Apr 08 2008
gtk2-engine-pixbuf (Patched)

GTK2 Themes 28 comments

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May 27 2008
Is this patch provided on the Ubuntu standard packages or have I to add this link on my thmes download-page ?? - Apr 09 2008

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Aug 29 2004
The link works.
Man this is a great theme. Something I like. - Apr 03 2008
Score 50.0%
Jun 30 2006
You say that :

To use it you should first download the original pack from here:

But the site say "Not found" - Mar 27 2008
Ultimate Gnome home icon

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Mar 04 2008
Ok I've read only now your comment :)
So I'll include a similar icon into the theme. Maybe adjusting some border width.

Again thank you. :) - Mar 05 2008
Thank you for appreciate my work, but you could have written me a comment and I would have included an alternative home icon in the theme. However from the next release there will be also an alternative icon for the home folder. - Mar 05 2008
Gartoon Redux

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by Tweenk

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Jan 31 2009

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by liperf

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Jan 31 2009