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KDE-13 / KDE IceWM window blinds

Ice-WM Themes by neuronality 2 comments

it's very plain though, i could have spent more time on the details, that's why i called it a "quick-hack"; instead i decided to put this on as a pre-release and i have begun working writing a kwin engine, which is far better than the simple IceWM support in KDE

while coding the engine i'm doing the neccessary artwork for the other parts; the icons esp. will take the most time

please write a short comment about what you like or dislike or what you'd like to see in a kwin engine, i'm not doing this only for me but for the KDE community - and that is all of you

neuro - May 14 2002

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by neuronality 3 comments

yeh here's a "lite" version, doesnt make the desktop seem so cluttered

and the orange thing: yer that was't all about why it looks like it does :D - May 10 2002